Amazing Gifts Ideas for Your Father’s 60th Birthday

Father – a person who works and earns for the family while sacrificing his dreams and willings. From the day we came in this world to till now, our Fathers have made all the possible efforts to keep us happy and to provide us with the maximum luxuries. Slowly and steadily, as we grow up, our Fathers get old.

So if it is your Father’s 60th Birthday, then we have some gift ideas that you can pick to surprise him. And 60 is also the age of retiring in many working industries and departments, so presenting a gift will be a double delight!

Jogging Shoes

With the age increasing, diseases start attacking the body. At that time, keeping oneself fit and active is the best way to stay healthy. So, it would be great to gift your Father a pair of comfortable jogging shoes on his 60th Birthday. And if possible, do spare some time to join him for jogging every day.

60 & Young Mug

Get a quality mug printed with ’60 & Young’ to tell your Father that age is just a number, and he is still young. He would love to drink his favourite beverage in the Mug presented by you. You can also personalise the Mug with a picture and name of your Father.

60 Special Cake

You may have celebrated your Father’s Birthday many times with cakes many times before but to mark the celebration of his 60th Birthday, order a designer cake describing the number 60 in a unique way. As it is difficult to pick up the designer cake from the shop and get it home without the cake being altered, you can make use of services like cake delivery in Kolkata or whichever city you live in with your Father.

Things To Do When You Turn 60

You can present a book which contains things and activities to do at the age of 60 to your Father on his 60th Birthday. The book will help him to always stay away from boredom and to indulge in fun activities. Put the book in a box and wrap the box with gift paper because that’s how you present gifts.

His Favorite Whiskey/Wine

If you want to see that extra inch of a smile on your Father’s face on his 60th Birthday then presenting a bottle of his favourite whiskey or wine is a great idea. And to add more excitement to the gift, couple it with a set of personalised whiskey glasses. Maybe our gesture will make him drink the whiskey/wine with you!

New Eyeglasses

We hope that your Father doesn’t wear eyeglasses and God has blessed him with great eyesight. But if he wears eyeglasses, then you can gift him a new and advanced pair of eyeglasses. And the glasses should be fitted in a frame which is of the best quality, lightweight and doesn’t hurt the skin. Don’t be shy to ask him for his preference, after all; he will be wearing the new eyeglasses.

I hope this helps!

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