All About Psychedelics for Mental Health in Nashville

All About Psychedelics for Mental Health in Nashville

One thing that has been a part of humanity from the beginning is the search for a greater meaning to our lives.

In ancient Mesopotamia, rock paintings display some of the earliest forms of religious material. They show gods like Horus and Ra bringing the sun across the sky and demonstrating approved methods of burial.

Religion has only grown from there. All across the world and throughout human history, there have been countless books and stories written to help those who wish to get closer to the great beyond.

In the nineteen seventies, former Beatle George Harrison released a song called My Sweet Lord. He says, “I really want to see you, I really want to be with you. I really want to see you, Lord, but it takes so long my Lord, my sweet Lord.” It is a beautiful song that fully expresses the longing many of us feel for a connection with the eternal.

It is this very feeling that prompts many truth seekers to turn to psychedelics to help them expand their consciousness. Through ingesting a chemical substance, a person experiences an event known as a “trip”. This could be brought on by ingesting something natural, like certain mushrooms or peyote. It could also be brought on by certain chemical compounds like MDMA or LSD.

The overwhelming majority of people who experience these “trips” report favorable experiences. But for a select few, the experiences can be overwhelming. A negative trip can reverberate through your mind, re-emerging at the most inopportune times. If you’re experiencing these negative effects, know that there is help out there for you.

Mushrooms in Nashville

Psychedelic mushrooms have a long history. They rose to popularity in the United States in the nineteen sixties. Their use caught on in the hippie community. These young people were looking for a way to expand their consciousnesses in a way that was safe and healthy.

Disgraced president Richard Nixon despised hippies. He famously tried to get John Lennon, George Harrisons’ former bandmate, deported from the country. In the war against the counterculture, he was taking no chances.

That is why psychedelic mushrooms are currently illegal on the federal level. Being caught with the substance can mean serious fines and jail time.

In some states, like New Mexico, the laws are a little different. Because these friendly little fungi are a part of many Indigenous American religious ceremonies, it is not illegal to grow or have mushrooms in that state. Instead, it is only the possession of dried mushrooms that is against the law.

In Nashville, however, that law does not apply. If you decide to purchase, possess, or consume magic mushrooms in Tennessee you could be subject to prosecution. Click here for more information about the laws in your state.

Mushrooms in Nashville

Why Choose Psychedelics?

You might be wondering, if the federal government classifies these substances as dangerous, why on earth would anyone take them?

Let’s look closer for a purely theoretical set of reasons for ingesting magic mushrooms or any other substance that induces a “trip”.

While these substances are known for their recreational use, medical science is starting to see the benefits of psychedelics for mental health and working towards integrating it into their practices.

An example of these benefits is the treatment of depression. Studies show that even small doses of psilocybin can improve mood for up to three months after ingesting a dose. Psilocybin is the name of the chemical compound found in magic mushrooms.

This means that even sub-psychedelic doses can have a lasting positive effect for those suffering from this common mental illness.

Mushrooms have been proven to treat cases of depression that are drug-resistant, meaning that even people who have tried medication might find benefits from psilocybin.

Click the link to find out more about these studies.

Bad Trip

In the early days of the internet, there was a popular video hosted on several humor websites.

The audio of this video was taken while a person was experiencing a bad LSD trip. The story goes that he became overwhelmed and locked himself in a closet. His friends, hearing a monologue emerging from behind the locked door, positioned themselves close by and recorded what he was saying.

Next, one talented person from this group of friends created an animation to go along with it. The images dance across the screen, giving the viewer the impression that they were experiencing the trip along with the young man.

The narration is a dizzying experience. The young man quickly goes from being concerned with walkways to wondering how a bunch of chairs appeared around him.

The video garnered millions of hits and spawned dozens of parody videos.

While it might seem funny to those who have never experienced a bad trip, those who have know that it can be a frightening experience.

Some people don’t like the loss of control that comes with ingesting a psychedelic substance. These people might have limited to no experience with mind-altering substances and be uncomfortable as a result.

Others might explore a traumatic incident when “tripping.” This could be anything from reliving a car crash, re-visiting a battlefield, or re-seeing the death of a loved one. Any of these experiences could make the “trip” seem long and frightening.

The good news is that even those who experience bad “trips” still report the same benefits as those who have good “trips.” For those who have recurring negative images in their mind, this might not be consolation enough.

If you are theoretically considering a psychedelic experience, you can choose to have a guide take you through it. They might play soothing music, hold your hand, or even talk to you to help ensure that your experience is positive from start to finish.

If you’ve already had a negative experience, know that there are people who can help you with any lasting problems you might be facing. Experts can help you integrate your experience so you can get back to communicating with the light beings as soon as possible.

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