All About 4k Ultra TV You Should Know

Here’s All About 4k Ultra TV You Should Know

Technology and television are co-related to each other. Smart TVs are one of the best examples of technological growth.

Smart TVs are technological convergence of computers, set-top boxes and television sets. There have been major developments in television techniques in recent years. One of them is 4K resolution technology.
4K resolution is one of the most popular resolution techniques in television.

This resolution technology is available in a wide range of television sets. Every person wants to buy the latest TV available on the market.

But the question is how to buy a smart TV. Read on to know all about 4K TVs and some of the best TV models that support this technology!

What is 4K resolution?

4K resolution refers to a pixel density which is four times more than a traditional TV. A TV with 4K resolution has 3840 horizontal pixels and 2160 vertical pixels. Pixel density determines the resolution in a TV. The higher the pixel count, the higher the resolution. The pixels are so densely located that they produce a clearer and brighter image on the screen.

What is 4K Ultra TV?

A 4K Ultra TV is a Smart TV that supports 4K resolution technology. A 4K Ultra TV produces images that look real. This is because the extra resolution of 4K technology adds clarity and better definition.

What can you watch on 4K Ultra TV?

You can watch everything that you watch on a traditional movie. But that is not all. 4K Ultra TV displays 4K content in the best manner. Now it has become easier to access 4K content. Improved hardware, better internet connectivity and higher data caps have made this possible.

How to access 4K content on 4K Ultra TV?

There are many ways to access 4K content. HDMI ports and cables help you in connecting source devices to your 4K TV. If there is no budget constraint, you can go for UHD Blu Ray player for playing quality 4K content on your TV. The most common ways to access 4K content are internet connectivity and streaming devices. Streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Appleā€™s iTunes offer a lot of 4K content that you can enjoy on your 4K TV.

What internet speed is needed to view 4K content?

Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video need a speed of at least 25 Mbps for 4K content. Compression techniques have been improving with time. You may be able to view 4K content on streaming platforms at lower broadband speeds.

What are the types of ports needed for 4K Ultra TV?

High-speed HDMI ports and cables are being needed for playing 4K content on 4K Ultra TV. HDMI 1.4, 2.0 and 2.0a ports are capable of playing and streaming content on 4K TV. The latest HDMI 2.0a is best for 4K content. This version of HDMI port supports increased bandwidth. It allows delivery of clearer and smoother motion through a high frame rate.

How close do you need to sit to a 4K Ultra TV?

The benefits of 4K TV also depend on the distance between you and the TV. 4K Ultra TV has higher resolution and pixel density than an HD TV. It is always better to sit closer to a 4K TV for a better visual experience. Although there are benefits of viewing from a distant position, yet sitting closer can provide you with a better experience.

Best budget 4K TVs available in the market

Here is a list of some of the best budget 4K TVs available in the market.

  • Xiaomi MI 4A Pro 43-inch
  • Micromax 40 Canvas-S 40-inch
  • LG 43LM5600 43-inch
  • Motorola 43SAFHDM 43-inch
  • Lloyd L43u1V0IV 43-inch
  • TCL 50P8E 50-inch
  • Micromax 49TA7000UHD 49-inch
  • LG32LJ573D 32-inch
  • Samsung 43N5005 43-inch
  • Haier LE43F9000AP 43-inch

There are a lot of brands selling 4K TVs in India. You may choose as per specifications, features, need and budget. Lloyd is also one of the well-known brands. Samsung LED TVs are good for 4K content with customization options in settings.

Now that you know all about 4K Ultra TV, it will be easier for you to decide how to buy a smart TV. Currently, 4K Ultra TVs are the most popular ones. Buying a 4K TV makes a lot of sense today because of their high resolution, picture clarity and access to 4K content.

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