Alcohol Addiction Treatment Common Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Common Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

If you have Alcohol Addiction heavily or regularly, you’ll experience physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal when you stop. The symptoms can go from mild to extremely severe, so you should never attempt to detox independently. It can be dangerous, and you need qualified staff to ensure that you’re safe.

Another issue that you’ll need to be aware of is if you’ve experienced withdrawal once, you’re more likely to experience it again. It would help if you immediately enrolled in an alcohol addiction treatment center to combat this, as they can ensure that you have the least painful experience possible. They can also ensure that you don’t flatline or have severe life-threatening issues. While it may surprise most to know this, dangerous situations occur and need to be taken seriously.

Common Symptoms Of The First Two Days

Mild symptoms can occur after the six-hour mark. These symptoms are varied, but the most common issues are anxiety, headaches, and nausea. You could also experience sweating and vomiting, shakiness in your hands, and sweating. The most severe problems will hit you as the hour passes. Between the first and second day, you can begin to experience hallucinations if you have been a more severe drinker, though it should be noted that studies say this happens in other instances as well. Keep in mind that the symptoms vary with each person, but these are the most common symptoms.

Seizures can also begin as well as hearing things that aren’t there. It can be a challenging time for you emotionally and mentally because these effects can be highly frightening. In addition to that, people have been known to get combative as their fear takes over. You can also experience pupils, sleep problems that include nightmares, and tremors at this point. This is another reason you need help, as the tremors can start small but become more violent as time progresses.

The Effects Of The Next Few Days

As the time nears the seventy-two-hour mark, you can fall into delirium and have attacks. These attacks include not only delusions but the hallucinations we mentioned above. They are more vivid at this point, and most people experience a racing heart and high blood pressure as the hallucinations become more real to them. You will need to worry about fevers, significantly if they spike, confusion, and heavier sweating. These are symptoms that can cause severe damage to the body if left untreated.

Seeking Help From An Alcohol Treatment Center

An alcohol treatment center is the best way to ensure that you have someone there who can ease your mind and help with the physical symptoms that can be too much for you to handle when these things are happening to you. It is vital to seek out help as these withdrawal issues can be fatal if left unattended, and families don’t have the knowledge or training to know how to do this without help. Check your loved one into an alcohol treatment center’s detoxification program instead and ensure that they are healthy and safe.

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