How Adelaide Solar Power Can Save You Money

How Adelaide Solar Power Can Save You Money?

Rising electricity bills are a major cause of serious headache for the common man. Till almost a few decades back there was no alternative to this problem. Thus, people had to bear the rising cost with an aching heart. Thankfully, due to an improvement in technologies, you have a lovely alternative to electricity, known as solar power.

Tapped from sunlight, solar power is generated with the help of solar panels that are installed right on your own rooftop. There was a time when the installation of the solar power system was considered to be pretty high. Thankfully, with several concessions and government discounts made available, the cost of installing a solar system at home has become rather affordable.

Cost of Solar Panels

When it comes to solar power, one of the most crucial parts of the entire solar system is the solar panels. Across the US, the average cost of the solar panels is somewhere around $3.14 per watt. When it comes to the size, the average solar system size is around 6 kilowatts or 6000 watts. In simple calculation, the cost of installing a typical solar system will cost around $18840 in the US.

Thankfully, the federal solar tax credit lowers this cost by almost 30%. This brings down the cost to around $13188. Compared to the cost in the previous years, the cost of installing solar systems at home has decreased in recent times. There are several other discounts and tax incentives that are provided by different states that bring down the cost even further.

Savings Compared to Electricity Bills

Most of you may wonder whether solar power from Solar MDB Adelaide really helps to save money for you. To put it simply, it surely does help to save your money. But if you ask about the amount of money that you can save, then it surely depends on a number of factors. Some of the factors that can help you decide on the total amount of money that you can save are the duration for which the sunlight falls directly on your solar panels, the angle and size of your roof, and also the local electricity rates of your town or state.

If you take it simply, then using solar power can help you save approximately $100 each month that can help you get back the cost of the installation in a time frame of around 10 years or even less. It is needless to say that solar panels can easily for several decades. On average, these panels last for around 25 years, which means free energy all that while and no negative impact on the environment.

Most of you may wonder how to get a sufficient amount of money to install solar at home. Well, there are several community solar projects which will be suitable for you. It is especially meant for people who either cannot install their own solar or do not wish to install their own solar system. When you participate in such a community solar project, you buy the generated electricity in a remote location.

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