A Simple Guide to Buying Women's Suits

A Simple Guide to Buying Women’s Suits

Suits are a must for any woman in a formal work setting. A well-fitted women’s suit makes one look competent and professional. Given that these suits last quite a long, you must also be careful while investing in them and choosing the right ones for your wardrobe. However, getting your hands on the right suit is not simple; you must put together several things to look the part.

Following is a simple guide to help you navigate buying suits.

Know your body type

You must be aware of your body type and proportions to ensure that you find the perfect suit for your body type. If you are curvy, try suits with rounded lapels, double-breasted jackets and wide necklines for the most flattering fit. If you have a tall and angular structure, opt for suits with pointed lapels, skirts, pants and straight-cut jackets.

It’s customary for a busty woman to have a blazer with more buttons. If you’re following the trends, you will find out that suits these days have four to five buttons to create a great fit. So, it’s always a plus point to look trendy.

Low and high-rise trousers can work well for a woman who falls into the category of straight body type.

A woman with an hourglass body has a bust and hips of equal measure with a tiny waist. High-waisted trousers, blazers, and wide belts look fabulous in this type of body. When styled with wrap jackets, a women’s suit can also go well with this body type.  

Pick the right colours

While buying suits for your workplace, you must keep some rules in mind. Your business formals should be polished and well put together. So, it is best to go with the same colour and fabric on both the top and bottom. For casual workplaces, you can experiment with colour blocking.

For example, you can combine a pair of navy pants with a black blazer. If you don’t want such a bold combo, try easing it with hues of black and grey or navy and grey. The neutrals go well with all skin tones, so you can invest in them without any worries.

Know the fitting pantsuit and skirt suit options

If you incline towards a pantsuit, try flared or straight cut, so it goes perfectly with your heels or boots. Flat-front pants can be the best option for a more structured high-waisted style.

Skirt suits have a smarter appeal than pantsuits. If you want a simple and classy look, try colours like brown, cream, white, beige, navy and black.

Your skirt must be shortened below or just above the knee cap. Also, for a flattering fit, choose designs that offer waistline reinforcement.

Get suitable fabric

The fabric you choose must be breathable and not trap heat inside. Polyester is a commonly used fabric for suits with glossy shine but retains heat. Linen and cotton can be excellent for summers, but they can get wrinkled easily. Wool and cashmere are pricey and can last for several years. However, these fabrics are better for the cooler months. Silk is more luxurious and is perfect only for special occasions.  

While you buy suits to wear as formal attire, it has more usability than you know. You can dress down with your ensemble of a casual top, skinny jeans and blazer. A fitted dress can also go well with your blazer. Apart from this, wear sneakers with your casual top or suit pants and use your suit at any informal event. So, while you invest in your suit, make sure you make the most out of it.

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