9 Common Illness For the Seniors

9 Common Illness For the Seniors

Growing old is inevitable. Unfortunately, as people get old, they become more prone to diseases and infections. This can greatly be attributed to their immune system, which doesn’t function as vigorously as it used to. Whether you are elderly or have an elderly loved one, learning about these illnesses helps you take care of yourself better or your loved one.

1. High Blood Pressure

Although anyone can suffer from hypertension, it’s one of the most common illnesses among the elderly. Unfortunately, since this condition has no symptoms, most people may not know they have it. In the long run, without the proper medication and lifestyle change, it may result in stroke, heart attack, or worse, death. Therefore, seniors are recommended to visit a clinician and check their pressure regularly.

2. Diabetes

While even the young can suffer from diabetes, it’s most common among the elderly. The good news is this condition can be delayed with the proper diet and lifestyle. Besides, suppose you already have the condition with the correct medication and lifestyle changes; you can manage it and prevent health problems such as kidney disease, stroke, and eye problems associated with this condition.

3. Blindness

According to statistics, 80% of blind people globally are individuals above 50 years. This is highly contributed by poor diet and lifestyle. Moreover, it could result from conditions such as diabetes and obesity, which are most common among the elderly. Depending on the cause, the medic will recommend the right treatment for you. Luckily, with housecalldoctor.com.au, you can get their services from the comfort of your home.

4. Depression

Depression is a serious condition among the elderly who had previously experienced it during their younger years. Although research shows that most seniors are happy with their lives, if you notice that your loved one is restless, mostly sad, stressed, or having sleep problems, it might be due to clinical depression. Seek the services of a professional if you notice any of these warning signs.

5. Alzheimer’s Disease

This is a brain disorder that affects how a senior thinks. Over time, the individual cannot recognize even the closest people or perform the most basic tasks. Confusion, loss of interest, memory loss, and poor judgment are common symptoms among people with Alzheimer’s Disease. If you suspect that your loved one is suffering from this condition, seek the help of a physician.

6. Respiratory Diseases

Respiratory diseases among the elderly are not only common but also more dangerous. Therefore regular checkup is advisable to be detected, and you can live longer and have a more productive and comfortable life. Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, and bronchitis are among the most common respiratory illness among the elderly.

7. Cancer

According to the CDC, cancer is the leading cause of death among individuals above 65. Moreover, the percentage of seniors living with cancer at this stage in life is high in men than in women. Although you might not be able to prevent it, by practicing regular scanning for cancer, you’re able to detect it early and start treatment.

8. Arthritis

This is yet another leading cause of disability among older adults. Therefore, if you or your elderly loved one is always complaining about back pain, it’s important to see a doctor who will diagnose the source of the problem. When diagnosed early, this condition can be treated by modifying antirheumatic drugs.

9. Obesity

According to research, more than 15 million seniors in the United States are obese. And although it might not be chronic, it might lead to other illnesses such as stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and even some types of cancer.

The above are some but not all common illnesses that affect the elderly. However, with a proper diet, a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, and regular medical checkups, they can prevent and reduce the extensive impacts of these illnesses.


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