8 Tips for Hiring a Great Product Manager

8 Tips for Hiring a Great Product Manager

Visionaries are the best product manager PMs. You are in charge of a product’s performance and the cross-functional team to improve it. It is a critical organizational position that sets the strategy, road map, and feature definition for a product or product line, particularly technology companies. Marketing, forecasting, and profit and loss (P&L) tasks can also be part of the job description. In several respects, a product manager’s job is close to that of a brand manager at a consumer goods business.

Product manager bring deep product knowledge to the table, allowing them to lead the company and make strategic product decisions. You examine business and competitive dynamics before laying out a distinct product vision and providing unique value in response to consumer needs. The position encompasses a wide range of activities, from strategic to tactical, and it gives critical cross-functional leadership, particularly among engineering, marketing, sales, and support teams.

Tips for Hiring a Great Product Manager

When analyzing product manager resumes, senior executive recruitment would look for specific achievements and personality characteristics, much as they would when looking for any other leadership position click here to know more. There are thousands of product manager candidates to choose from, and there isn’t much time to make the best hiring decision. Sadly, great applicants are overlooked, and employers settle for someone who is only good enough.

Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is one of the top skills that product executives demand in a PM, according to nearly every product executive we’ve ever spoken with on the topic. Even if a PM applicant has a good product management history, business expertise, and good technical skills, he is much more likely to be unsuccessful if he cannot interact clearly and effectively with practitioners from various backgrounds and teams. That is why we’ve written about how critical it is for a PM to learn department-specific English dialects like Sales Speak and Developer Speak. Communication skills should be at the top of the list when hiring a product manager, regardless of what else you look for.

Ability to Solve Problems

Many of the product managers we’ve worked with have told us that the ability to solve problems is an essential quality in a PM. Senior executive recruitment recognizes that product management is a difficult job with many moving parts . Bringing a product to market successfully would necessitate many innovative solutions to unexpected challenges. As a result, these astute product managers search for natural problem-solving capacity when hiring a new PM, which manifests as creative thinking.

In most situations, throwing a complicated riddle at a PM candidate during the interview would not be the best way to determine this skill. You’ve probably heard of the thought experiment where the applicant is placed in a room with three light switches and asked to find out which switch controls which of the three lightbulbs in the next room before entering.

3. Empathy 

Empathy is the willingness for a product manager to see things from his consumer’s perspective and create solutions that match specific customer needs, expectations, concerns, and other motivations. Rather than attempting to force a resolution that the customer isn’t looking for is another quality that product leaders often seek in a product manager. That is a more difficult trait to come by than you would think, particularly in today’s world where everyone focuses on their own needs and desires. Indeed, our founder has written about the value of empathy since, as a product lead at many large B2B businesses, he has learned, it is an ability that many PMs have not developed completely.

4. Curiosity is Insatiable

An interested product manager will never be satisfied with a single response. This is consistent with what we’ve learned from product managers in various industries, particularly in the technology sector. (Procore is a construction software company that creates SaaS platforms.) Product management is a job that necessitates a lot of effort and self-motivation. After all, it’s tough for a Product VP to tell her PMs precisely what they should be doing daily. It’s all too tempting for a PM to settle for the first idea or answer that comes to mind. And, since the best strategic choices are always only made after extensive analysis and investigation, you’ll need a PM who is internally inspired to keep looking.

5. Charisma and Leadership

Charisma, or natural leadership skill, does not seem to be as apparent as the other characteristics. It is, however, just as critical for a PM, as many product executives have told us over the years. Product managers have the daunting task of overseeing and leading a broad cross-functional team while often having little direct control over any team members. Indeed, certain team members, such as a VP of Engineering, could be well above the PM in the organization’s hierarchy. 

6. Analytical Tools

Many product manager recruitments emphasize the importance of data in determining what to create next. However, there is a significant gap between what people say and what they do. The use of data and an analytical mind are crucial to a project’s overall success. Inquire about how they calculate business goals, make decisions using data, and what data they wish they could access.

7. Interdisciplinary

Interdisciplinary product managers should be aware of best practices in other fields and provide an opinion on the developed product experience. Furthermore, product managers with a talent for writing and visual interactions can help the overall program because they can see the larger picture and maintain a straightforward user experience across the board. Don’t be afraid to inquire about the candidates’ contributions in these fields. Focus on what they achieved at their former job, their approach, and how they got work done explicitly while interviewing applicants with help of recruitment agencies like alliance recruitment agency .

8. Adaptability

Priorities change a lot from one sprint to the next. A successful product manager recruitment defines, follows, and enforces processes that maximize product creation, with hundreds of feature requests coming in every month. On the other hand, great product managers learn how to alter or tweak specific processes depending on the team’s needs. Candidates can describe a time when they had to pivot to fit team dynamics.

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