8 Must-Have Security Systems for Your Smart Home

With the remarkable evolution of smart technology, living a comfortable and secured life has become easier than ever. Both in the traditional and online markets, there is a vast availability of smart technology-enabled devices. These days, you can find a wide variety of smart devices that can help you transform your house into a completely smart one. Making use of your smartphone and specific mobile applications, you can remotely control lights, bulbs, fans, air conditioners, refrigerators, CCTV cameras, door locks, and several other home appliances.

Nearly 20% of residences in the US have smart home security systems and is highly expected to rise by 64% within the next five years. Two prime reasons for installing home security systems are to prevent intrusion of burglars and typical property crimes. Residents or victims go through a terrible time discovering the occurrence of a burglary or theft of a considerable amount of cash and expensive belongings. Let’s check the top home security systems that you must have to regard your one as a smart home and keep it safe and protected.

Home Automation Controller

You get the opportunity to control your home security systems in the best way possible when the systems are connected to your Wi-Fi network, and you use a smartphone and the correct app. A productive home automation controller should comprise multiple network support, basic automation operation without the internet, well-document, and available developer application programming interface (API).

CO and Smart Smoke Detector

The existence of an automatic Carbon Monoxide and Smart Smoke detector at home can give you enough peace of mind. This smart home security system renders the utmost protection to every member of your family, your pets, valuable belongings, and assets by detecting smoke and carbon monoxide and alarming you beforehand. You will even know the time when you are required to put the system on charge as it displays the residual battery levels. If you purchase a highly effective CO and smoke detector, you can plug it into a socket in the wall and receive a notification on your smartphone via the Wi-Fi connection.

Water Leakage Sensor

If the heater or water pipes burst, walls, floorings, and expensive furnishings can get severely damaged in the middle of the night. Apart from the paying damage charges, liability concern is also there for those living in a rented apartment or townhomes. To keep the occurrence of such damages at bay, you should install a water leak sensor under the sink of your kitchen or at your water heater. Many home insurance companies offer credits or discounts for the installation of water leak detection devices. You will certainly be able to prevent water pipes or heater from bursting if you install one such smart home security system beforehand that comes equipped with a highly audible alert feature.

Burglar Alarm System

One of the essential home security systems is a burglar alarm system. Whenever there is a burglar intrusion on your premises, a productive and smart burglar alarm system can set off a loud alarm and notify the local police station. One such system incorporates motion detectors, window and door sensors. When the sensors or detectors are toppled, the primary control panel instantly receives a signal and causes the system to alert the homeowner. To deter intruders or burglars, you should affix the control panel, which monitors the burglar alarm systems, to main doors and windows.

Smart Light Controllers

The efficacy of a smart or remote light controller is limitless, just like the varieties of switches. You should program the exterior lights so that it turns on and off while you are away from your home. Using your smartphone and an app, you can switch on your lights after returning home. You can add a smart dim light beside inside hall lights and program the lights to switch on automatically in the evening for extra security and safety. You can affix lights anywhere in your residence. The smart light switches are compatible with nearly all controllers. Turning on smart lights using the advanced controllers is the easiest these days.

Smart Thermostat

Easily programmable thermostats come to the major rescue of homeowners. You can easily increase your home’s HVAC system’s energy efficiency to the next level if you install a thermostat that has several built-in capabilities. You can easily adjust your house’s temperature to account for the outside temperature or effects of humidity. It is crucial to set up a rule when it comes to the adjustment of the temperature inside the room or sending a reminder as a notification to open windows and doors when the outside temperature is comfortable.

Smart Home Doorbell

You will prevent strangers from entering your home if you consider installing a smart home doorbell. The moment anyone presses the doorbell, you will receive a notification, email, or text message. On receiving the alert, you can check the front door CCTV camera or switch on your porch light before allowing the stranger to enter into your premises. Besides the salient features, smart home doorbells have been gaining attention owing to their aesthetic appeal.

Smart Home Security Camera

To maximize your home’s safety and security, installing smart security IP cameras both inside and outside your home is essential. On detecting motion, smart home security cameras begin recording automatically. If you program the cameras, you will receive a notification on your smartphone and can see the live feed from a different place. If you reside in a big apartment with your other half, installing a smart home security camera is imperative because 68% of burglarized houses have two or more adults.

Few Words To Conclude

You will certainly be able to keep your family members, adorable pets, assets, and costly valuables safe and protected if you install all the eight essential smart home security systems. Investing in productive home security systems will be extremely valuable. These smart home security systems keep intruders or burglars away, maximize your abode’s safety effectively, and give you enough peace of mind.

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