8 Ideas to Help New Moms Get Back in Shape

8 Ideas to Help New Moms Get Back in Shape

For most new moms, nothing you read or hear helps you get ready for your body’s changes during or after pregnancy. Within a couple of months, you gain weight, and your skin and other parts stretch out to accommodate a new life. Post-birth, one of the biggest questions for most women is, “How can I get my body shape back?”

The postpartum weight loss process can take over six months and even up to a year, depending on weight gain. Normally you may shed some weight within a month of giving birth, but major weight loss will take more time and effort. The said effort often comes with establishing a workout regime or fitness routine.

For new moms who deliver their babies normally, light exercising, for instance, walks or jogging may begin after a week. However, C-section delivery moms may need to liaise with a doctor to resume or begin working out. Below are some ideas to help all new moms get back in shape.

1. Watch What You Eat and Drink

Most pregnant women ensure to eat well for the health of their unborn baby. However, pregnancy can trigger unhealthy cravings that may add up to your weight. After giving birth, you must pay attention to what you eat, moreover if you want to get your body back.

Increasing your food variety options to incorporate balanced diets during each meal is essential. Food sources high in proteins such as dairy products, white meat, and beans help you recuperate and stay strong after birth. Another wholesome addition to your diet should be fruits and vegetables for their vitamins, minerals, and fiber. We recommend always having a plate half full with fruits and vegetables, which help you stay full for longer hours. In turn, this helps you cut on extra weight from eating more than usual.

Staying hydrated and incorporating healthy drinking options such as low-fat yogurts or fresh fruit juices also help keep you healthy. Some foods to avoid in your postpartum diet include junk foods, alcohol, caffeine, and sweet carbonated soft drinks.

2. Give Your Body Time to Heal

With a newborn in your hands, allowing yourself time to readjust mentally and physically is vital. After nine months of holding that precious being, your body needs time to rejuvenate and return to normalcy.

Therefore, before starting your post-baby body workout, stay patient and allow yourself time to heal first. For breastfeeding moms, this is even more important to ensure enough milk supply.

3. Use Walking as A Starting Point

As mentioned above, allowing your body time to recuperate plays a key role in post-baby weight loss. To ease into a fitness routine, mom should start their workout pants with walking exercises. The walks don’t have to be quick, as routine strolls carrying your baby can be as effective.

4. Breastfeeding Can Help Too

The topic of whether to breastfeed your child or not is often down to a matter of preference. Breastfeeding is a calorie-burning option that won’t require much of you or your body for those looking to drop that post-baby weight.

5. Practice Deep Breathing and Abdominal Contraction

To get you started on postpartum exercise, consider a simple deep breathing exercise while simultaneously contracting your abs area. The practice is important in grounding and relaxing you while also building and toning your abs. A super advantage of this yoga-like fitness exercise is you can do it as soon as you give birth.

6. Create an Eating Routine

Apart from watching what you eat, having a steady and reliable eating routine is key to weight loss. Your routine should be based on healthy eating habits that contribute to your weight loss and strength.

Skipping meals is not an option; instead, enjoy smaller but frequent meals all through the day. If not possible, having a wholesome breakfast, a slightly heavy lunchtime meal, and an early supper will help your metabolism.

7. Kegels

With childbirth comes some complications, such as an uncontrollable leaky bladder. Kegel exercises done through contracting and releasing bladder muscles help you control your bladder better. You can perform kegel exercises with the help of a kegel exerciser to make the process easier for you.

8. Take Care of Your Joints

During pregnancy, your body releases the Relaxin hormone that makes your joints pliable and soft. Therefore, consider exercises that may not put too much pressure on your joints and pelvis while picking your workout routine. A kneeling pelvic tilt, shoulder lifts, and curl-ups are postpartum-friendly exercises for you

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