8 Canned Potato Ideas in 2021

8 Canned Potato Ideas in 2021

Looking for something fulfilling yet versatile feast option? What about canned potatoes? Potatoes are a perfect mix for every cuisine and meal type. You can make both starters and main courses out of it.

All you need to do is to get the suitable ingredient for the mix, and you are good to go!

Let’s check out some feast-worthy canned potato ideas in 2021.

Herbed canned potato

This evergreen recipe tops the list, potatoes with herbs are the best combination. Serve it as starters or as a side to main course meal; it will outshine with simplicity and loads of flavor. You can make your version and have your take on herbed potatoes. This will be your staple as well as a recipe to pass on for future generations.

Preheat your oven or pan-fry while stirring it constantly. A lovely golden brown coat is when you need to switch off the flame or turn off the oven.

Chunky potato cheese soup

Creamy potato soup is the best thing you need for a comfortable food regime. It is dairy-free, so lactose-intolerant people try it right away and believe me, it is super creamy. All you need is to blend all the ingredients with a cup of canned potatoes, and you are set!

Must have ingredients are chicken broth and coconut milk. Heat it or pre-heat it, it will stay super creamy, and the coconut flavor is not overpowering!  

Sliced potato cake

Got leftovers? No worry, store it in an airtight container and refrigerate it for days.

Baking potatoes are a part of the tradition now. In every family gathering or celebration, potatoes play a vital role; this recipe is like that.

Plus, it is super easy and is full of melted cheese with seasoned potato. Keep the salt as per your taste, and you can even add fresh ground kosher salt to enhance the flavor.

Potato tart

If you are a sweet lover, you probably know tart. It is delicious, and a potato tart is a well seasoned homemade recipe that can make noon brunch a savory delight. Season the potato with rosemary, garlic, and shallots.

Layering can alter the taste. Fill the tart with egg and milk, then add a portion of potato mix, layer with cheese, repeat the same process once more, and make sure to sprinkle cheese evenly. Bake it until golden brown and enjoy crispy homemade potato tart from scratch.

Vegan pot pie with potato crust

Basically, vegan pot pie and chicken pot pie are sane; just the filling is swapped with beans. This is the perfect potluck meal for a vegan household; it is easy and rich in protein and other nutrients.

Add too many herbs for an earthy aroma like thyme, sage, and rosemary. Add vegetable stock for the filling, and do not forget to tweak the outer potato crust to make it more crunchy.

Basic potato salad

If you want to make a quick, tasty breakfast, this can be your thing. Especially during the pressure week, a basic potato salad with some greens just makes my day.

Just microwave canned potatoes diced them into squares, add light mayonnaise, scallions, broccoli, and other veggies along with salt, and your healthy breakfast is ready in just minutes.

Beef Casserole and potato topping

A perfect dinner meal with enough protein and taste rounds up the beef casserole with potato toppings. Make sure to par-cook beef in a pan and season with onion and garlic, and other spices.

Beef and potato is a good combination, so if you want to amp your potato game, this is it. For thin slices, cut them into 1cm rounds. Bake it at 200°C for 15 minutes to get the golden-brown crust. You can even use red wine vinegar to level up the taste quotient.

Mashed potato

There is no festival lunch without authentic mashed potatoes. Undoubtedly, it wins the game just being simpler. Even if you are making it from scratch, it is an easy side for a main-course meal. With canned potato, it becomes easier.

Do not substitute butter with anything else; you can use low-fat butter. Blend it with a beater or hand blender. The more it beats, the smoother it gets.

Potatoes are household staples, and there is no denying it adds texture and flavor to a dish. Even basic salt seasoning works like magic with potatoes. If you are bored with other veggies, give these recipes a try and fall in love with potatoes once more!

Always remember, time is the key to good cooking. A slight overdone or underdone can ruin the flavors. So keep it in check and also play with different spices to create something new every time. To help you with your potato meal goals, here are some ideas. Get started and enjoy gourmet dishes at home.  

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