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7 Ways to Break the Ice with Post It Notes

Most of you love post it notes, don’t you? Are you aware that there are several activities that you can accomplish with them? Well, read on to find the top seven activities you can achieve with them, especially in a classroom. Generally, this article is created, hoping that you may need to use these tools.

Hidden Treasure

You can write multiple icebreaker questions on the post-it note’s sticky side and pin them on the board. Afterward, have every student take turns selecting one sticky note and then answering the question from the back. After answering the question, the student can select an individual to give an answer to the same question.

Question Mixer

First, pen down the name of a popular individual on a post-it note, and make sure that you write a lot such that every member of the class has one. Secondly, pin them on the back of every student. You can then have the students ask their classmates a YES/NO question regarding the pinned note until they recognize the name pinned on their back.

2 Truths Plus a Lie

First, give all the students three post-it notes. Second, have the students write something true about themselves on two notes. On the third note, the students need to write something false themselves. The students can then share in small groups. With this, try to guess the statement that’s each student’s lie.

Get to Know You

Here, the first step involves ensuring that every student writes many facts about herself or himself on a post it note. The second step entails pinning it on the board. It would be wise if you write facts about yourself as well. Afterward, pick one post-it note and read it to the students loud. You can then try to guess the student that wrote the note.

If you get the student’s name right, that student needs to come forward and continue the trend with the remaining post-it notes. The process should then continue until there are no notes left.

Where Do You Come From?

For a class with students from various countries, give every student a note flag to pin it on their country of origin on the classroom’s world map. After every student has pinned the post it note, the students should try and guess who’s post-it note is whose.

All-Star Classroom

After you notice that your students are starting to get to know one another, have every individual sketch a portrait, and then stick it on the classroom’s board. Afterward, every student should write a positive adjective describing every one of his colleagues on a star-shaped post-it note and pin it to the portrait. Perform this activity at daytime or even over a stipulated period, and then allow the students to take their portraits home.

A Matched Set

Ask the students to write the best amusing truths about themselves and submit the notes to you. Subsequently, write every truth on the note along with a corresponding one with that student’s name. You can then pin the post-it notes throughout the class when the students are outside.

The students should then try to match names with correct truths. Notably, they shouldn’t match their name. The student that has the most matches wins the game.

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