7 Tips To Successfully Implement the Google Map Marketing

7 Tips To Successfully Implement the Google Map Marketing

Nowadays google maps are top-rated, and many people are using them. From providing directions to driving help to find new places, Google Maps is Google’s most important app today.

If you’re a brick or mortar company and you don’t change your Google Maps listings, you’re missing out on a vast market. But many marketers still ignore Google Map marketing for one reason or another.

Define- Google Map Engagement

Google Maps develops with a focus on facilitating user interaction with several hands-on action-oriented functions. These include a phone button that users can use to call your business, a text button for text communication, a comment area, and quick access to directions from your current location.

Implementing it can generate more traffic, leads, and more revenue.

Register and Verify GMB

To advertise on Google Maps, we need a Google My Business account. Remember two things when registering a Google My Business account. First, Provide complete and accurate information about your business (essential elements details below).

Second, you need to verify your account. While there are various techniques to do this. Google will send an email to your physical address with a zip code which you can use to verify your account.

Business Category Information

When you register a GMB account, you will have the option to define your business category. Keep in mind that your goal with this category isn’t to describe your product or service but your business.

Take this opportunity to optimize your list. Include your primary category and all possible categories relevant to your company. It can also generate more traffic from people browsing various related types.

Optimizing Introduction

The “Introduction” section is like the META description on your website. Thus the principle is identical. Here, you have the opportunity to introduce your company, product or service, and unique value proposition. Google will also use this meta-information to determine the intent of your business.

Write a comprehensive and compelling introduction for your human audience. You can enter relevant keywords and location keywords here, but make sure they include them . Include links to your site and social media channels, but not too many.

Soliciting Positive Reviews

Positive customer feedback is essential as a signal for ranking on Google Map. It is a crucial social proof to stimulate more leads and customers.

Asking for positive feedback is an essential aspect of Google Map marketing. And you need to manage negative feedback .

You can offer incentives such as discounts, free products, and other to encourage positive feedback. Ask your clients to leave reviews on Google Maps. Also on other relevant review sites (Yelp !, TripAdvisor) to receive something of value.

Determine whether a negative evaluation is valid or not. If it’s wrong, you can request the erasure by providing evidence. You may also want to take legal action.

Optimizing Photo

Google Maps is a visual platform, and photo lists get a lot more traffic than those that don’t. Include at least one taken photo. The more fun it is, especially if you’re a company that loves the atmosphere.

Photos are also an excellent optimization option for increasing your ranking on Google Maps. Optimize images by adding metadata using various third-party applications.

Build Citations

Referring to local SEO services is like referring or inbound links to “traditional” SEO. There are two basic principles of building your local listing. First is to list your business in as many local business directories as possible.

Second, you need to maintain consistent information across all lists, especially on the NAP (name, address, phone number).

Maintain NAP

Your name, address, and phone number, what NAPs call the world of Google Map marketing. These are the three most important aspects of your list.

So make sure all three are up to date and complete. If your business is in the USA, make sure you use USPS’s address. In general, if you are using the same address as your local postal service, it is a good idea to go.

You can also choose to show NAP customer information in Google My Business settings. You should always have this enabled.


As you can see, implementing Google Map marketing is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. If you follow your checklist and maintain consistency, especially when creating local listings and looking for reviews, your Google Maps list will grow.

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