7 Tips to Start Your Fitness Journey

7 Tips to Start Your Fitness Journey

First and foremost, congratulations if you’re new to working out (or just thinking about bringing fitness into your life). Deciding to be more active is a fantastic first step toward reaping all of the wonderful advantages of exercise, which range from improved emotions to better sleep to increased overall confidence.

However, once you’ve made the decision to start exercising, things can quickly get overwhelming. It’s difficult to know where to begin with all of the talks about the magic workout to complete or the ideal amount of time to spend at the gym. When things don’t go as planned, it’s easy to throw in the towel if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Here are some tactics for beginners to tackle the task of becoming fit. 

1. Nutrition

The best place to start when embarking on your fitness journey is with your nutrition. After all, your body needs fuel to burn during those workouts. 

Eating a well-balanced diet high in protein and low in simple carbohydrates will go a long way to giving you the energy you need to lose weight and build muscle. Remember to “eat the rainbow” by consuming lots of fruits and vegetables. 

Supplementing with appropriate multivitamins can balance any nutritional deficits, and products such as a quality CBD oil can help with inflammation and pain. 

2. Consider Your Motivation

The first stage is to really think about why, what, and how you’re doing it. The following are some questions to consider: Why are you now including exercise and wellbeing in your life? What will your life be like if you incorporate fitness into your routine regularly? Also, how do you plan to include fitness into your daily and weekly routines? The mindset to use after you know why what, and how is ‘just do it.’ 

3. Start Slow

Don’t overcommit or over-perform if you’re just starting a new training regimen. Begin with three days per week and plan it in your calendar like a doctor’s appointment. There’s no need to attend for the entire class; instead, consider a 30-minute private training session or an at-home workout. You want to make sure you’re getting in shape in a safe and efficient manner. After that, every other week, try adding another 30 minutes. You’ll be shocked at how strong you feel!

4. Get Support

Motivation helps get you going, but making things a habit is what keeps an active lifestyle going for a long time. Friends, relatives, and coworkers who work out with you can motivate you to keep going. Make an effort to meet gym friends with whom you can share healthful activities. Additionally, what you do outside of the gym has a significant impact on the training you accomplish inside the gym—making favorable changes in your nutrition, hydration, sleep, and stress levels will yield significant effects.

5. Love Your Feet

If you’re running, sprinting, or doing plyometrics, wearing old, worn-out shoes can cause damage to your joints and ligaments. As a result, choosing the right shoes for your training is crucial: Tennis shoes, for example, are designed for lateral mobility. If you’re lifting weights, you’ll want your shoe’s bottom to be tougher and flatter, so you feel more connected to the ground. If you’re a runner, most specialty running stores will conduct a stride analysis to determine the optimum shoes for your arch, heel strike, and foot width. Invest in a shoe that will allow you to be as versatile as possible in the gym and outside while yet providing the proper support for your feet.

7. Take Care of Your Mind

An essential and often overlooked part of fitness and wellness is the condition of your mind. If you’re dealing with stress and problems, it may get in the way of your physical fitness. Take some time off and try to unwind. Meditation can help with this as well as reading, journaling, and even watching TV. Be sure to make time for relaxation and self-reflection. 

Getting fit for the beginner can be daunting, but by making some goals and establishing some good habits, you should find yourself happier and healthier in no time. 

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