7 Things Define About Modern Streaming Dedicated Server

There was a huge turn in video tech about 5-6 years ago. When usual live video streaming hosting is customized, it becomes ‘modern streaming’. Before getting in the details of it, first, you need to know what is dedicated server. A dedicated server is a server that is completely drawn towards a single user. It is made and customized for a single host. These days big companies are diverting towards Streaming Dedicated Server as it is free of lags and downtime. In Video Streaming Dedicated Server, you have the luxury of authority and isolation. There will be no one other than you on this server. So, you will not face any interference or neighbors.

What is the Streaming Dedicated Server?

A streaming dedicated server is a pre-built server which will enable you to stream live. It requires advanced data storage and resources so that it can provide you the real-time viewing experience. These days, streaming dedicated servers is very important as many programs are streamed live. Now, there are safety features that are to be looked upon because of this CORONA pandemic. So, I think it time that you should invest in a Video Streaming Dedicated Server. I don’t think that during this time or after this end, Things would be normal again. Large gatherings will be prohibited anyways due to the safety of people. So, there is no harm in keeping up with technology. A little bit of advancement will not hurt. So, I hope you now know that streaming dedicated server is streaming live video in a pre-setup live video streaming hosting. Now, let’s move on to its features. Dive in straight!

10 Features Define about Modern Streaming Dedicated Server

Various factors decide if a Video Streaming Dedicated Server protocol is modern or not. I’m mentioning the 10 most critical ones below:

1. Delivery in pieces

In modern Video Streaming Dedicated Server, the video is partitioned further in mini-videos that are sent live. It all depends on the protocol they follow. The segments can be of 2-10 seconds. It is not like custom live video streaming hosting, where these segments are treated as individual videos.

2.HTTP communication

It is defined by HTTP protocol too. The fragment videos are streamed on the internet or the Wide Area Network (WAN) by the usual HTTP protocol.

3.Stateless interaction

When someone is watching a live stream, there is not any connection between the person and server while the video is on stream.

4. Cache friendly

Divided delivery or chunked streaming of videos arises frequent HTTP caches which are common on the internet or in corporate networks.

5.Adaptive bitrate playback

Video server hosting has to pass through various quality checks if they are using modern protocols. When a Dedicated Server For Streaming by a user, the playback is entirely dependent on the user’s bandwidth. His bandwidth will decide at what quality he is going to get the video. Automatic adjustments are made so that the user can stream the best possible video in his available bandwidth, with minimum buffering.

6. Passive network

As I told you earlier, videos are streamed in segments. There are interlinks between every segment. These links help us to complete the Dedicated Server For Streaming. Don’t worry about these links, they will not distort or make any change in the main video, they are just links. They sometimes also create a cache.


There are some protocols like DASH, etc. which works like nothing but the common public internet. These two categories are almost the same as they both are stateless and passive. They both consist of software and hardware that can proceed video from beginning to ending and can also create a cache.

8.Reduced costs

If we talk about custom protocols of streaming, they increase costs in two major ways. They need someone to put money into the software and hardware which will form the spine of the overlay network. On top of that, they are unable to cache content which furthermore increases bandwidth consumption which is needed to stream the popular video in the market. When we talk about modern Dedicated Server For Video Streaming, it is just better with both of the formerly mentioned points. There are servers like HLS which will enhance the existing server network which is HTTP. This process will save costs because otherwise, you have to spend a separate fund on hardware and software. By the increase in streaming server host, HTTP caching ability automatically decrease the bandwidth cost.

9. Improved scalability

When we talk about native protocols, achieving scalability means investing more money. In modern streaming dedicated server scalability factor is already there. HTTP is the best choice for Dedicated Server For Video Streaming huge live events. Features like mirroring and caching are there already in modern streaming server host protocols.

10. Improved playback

Modern Dedicated Server For Video Streaming is truly a gem when video playback is considered. It uses HTTP which is compatible with many mobiles. It uses an adaptation of bitrate which will ensure that no matter which bandwidth or connection you are video server hosting, it will adapt according to that to give you the best playback experience.


So, after figuring out all the above points I suggest that you should invest in modern streaming dedicated server. As you see companies are facing advancements in this field so why not install some advancements, right! As the traditional method will drive cost so I would not suggest you to stick to that. But modern Video Streaming Dedicated Server saves our bandwidth usage which will further save cost. It is better to stay with technology these days. A little bit of advancement will never hurt.

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