7 Steps to Build a Successful House Cleaning Business

Are you searching for a low-cost business that will get off the ground quickly without emptying your bank account? Setting up a house cleaning business could be the perfect choice for you!

In the 21st century, homeowners have busy schedules; they prefer to pay someone to clean their homes rather than do it themselves. For budding entrepreneurs, this is a niche worth looking into.

The business is relatively simple to start, does not need a lot of startup capital, and offers steady business growth. But bear in mind, you need to have a clear vision and business plan in mind before you jump into the business.

If you are thinking of starting a house cleaning business, you will need a plan. In this article, we have compiled 7 essential steps to build a successful house cleaning business.

They are:

1. Prepare a Business Plan

Prepare a Business Plan

The first step to opening your business is to make a business plan. Unless you know your goals, you won’t be able to achieve them; this is why the first thing you should decide is what do you want from this business.
Determining your pricing strategy is also an essential part of creating your business plan. Figure out how you are going to charge your customers (hourly rate, flat rate, square-foot rate) to estimate your revenue and profit margins early on.

2. Choose your Niche

It’s a crowded market out there, and making your mark is not easy. Those who do not figure out their niche often get lost in the competition. Market research is as vital as it gets. What’s the current trend in the market? Who needs your services the most?

Find out which market segment you want to serve. Consider demographic, psychographic, and behavioral elements to choose the people you want to serve. Conduct market research to determine which market segment is most lucrative and whether there is a gap between demand and supply.

Find a niche and stick to it. Perhaps, you could stand out because of your flexible schedule, or maybe you could offer environment-friendly products. It will help you create a unique place in the market and stand out from the crowd.

3. Create a Budget

Transportation and supplies may be your biggest expenses, but there are other expenses as well that you cannot ignore. Estimate the following costs as well:

Create a Budget


Should you damage anything in your client’s property, insurance comes in handy and protects you. Not just that, it even assures the client as well if you tell them you have a license and insurance. This expense, however, varies on the size of your company.

Cleaning Equipment

The cost of these supplies depends on the services you offer and the number of clients. If you are cleaning a handful of residences a week, you can get your equipment in bulk. Unless you own special machines, rentals can be costly as well. However, some clients prefer you use their products.


Budget out how much you are going to pay per employee. Will you pay them per hour, per day or per week? Make the cost estimate in advance!


To start, you will need to put some money to make your brand visible to clients using print and online marketing. With time, once you build a successful name, you can redirect these resources to other mediums or continue using them. A representative from Carpet Cleaning Epsom advised startups to plan out their budget carefully; if they don’t, they will end up overspending.

4. Register your Business

A professional cleaning business needs to be registered, you will need to obtain a license. Choosing the right business structure comes as the first step here. You can either register as a sole proprietor or as a limited liability company (LLCs). Most startups register as sole proprietors because they want to maintain control of the business, but LLCs are also a feasible option.

5. Offer Personalized Services

Spend some time on the pricing and how you can use it fairly to build your clients over time. Start by giving free estimates and work out how much time it takes to clean each house. Remember, your clients will only come back to you if they believe you are giving them a fair deal.
Customer satisfaction has a big impact on how often they want to use their services so, sit with them and ask about their needs. Offering fair prices and personalized services also shows that you care about your customers.

6. Invest in Marketing & Advertising

Once you have developed a strong base, don’t become complacent and ensure you are regularly marketing your products and getting new clients. From creating your website to using offline marketing mediums like flyers and brochures, there are several options to choose from. However, the ideal way to market your services depends highly on your budget and your target market.

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing includes word-of-mouth, brochures, flyers, etc. Word-of-mouth especially is very effective because about nine out of 10 consumers are more likely to purchase products recommended by a friend.

Online Marketing

In this digital world, having a strong business presence online matters a lot. When your potential customers search for cleaning services, they should see your name there (All hail SEO!) Online marketing ways include Facebook, Instagram, etc. Last but not least, having your website is essential as well to display your portfolio and details of services!

7. Win Clients with Quality Services

Cheap products will save you money, but in the long run, it will cost you your clients. Using quality products and offering quality services to your customers, on the other hand, will help you attract and retain a loyal clientele. Using quality, eco-friendly products that do not leave any smell around the house will speak for your services to your clients.

To stay on top of your game, keep searching about new equipment, new products as well so you are always up-to-date and can facilitate your clients in the best manner.


A house cleaning business is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs because of minimal business costs and low entry barriers as compared to other growing businesses. But before you launch, make sure you check these steps off your list and map out everything beforehand.

We hope our guide helped you on your journey to launch a cleaning business. Don’t forget to let us know if you plan to launch your business soon, we may have some more hacks for you. Cheers!

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