7 Smart Devices that Will Make Your Housework Less of a Work

With technology advancing at an unprecedented rate, there is no wonder how we get to live in an era where more and more household tasks are turning obsolete. Really, how smart is the world today? Hmm, smart as you forget about clapping because your voice is what dominates the household today. 

“Hey, Alexa! Open the bathroom door.” 

“Hey, Alexa! Turn off the living room light”. 

As if you are talking to a chambermaid when in fact it’s just a smart device sitting around the house, waiting for your voice command to take over. Really, that is how incredibly smart the world is today. And pretty soon, you won’t have to worry about any of these chores or even move a muscle with all the gadgets and regular appliances made smart. 

Well, it’s 2020 and the question is, how many household chores can we automate right now? If you want to set up a smart home ecosystem, then make sure to include this breakdown on your shopping lists. We are giving you a list of smart home devices to get you out of doing household chores. 

Let’s start with the oh-so-amazing voice-controlled devices: 


Not only does a Mycroft lock the doors or switch on the lights but it also connects you to your streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon, helping you stream the content right on your smart TV. The world’s first open-source voice assistant is compatible to many platforms including your desktops. 

Amazon Echo

Speaking of Alexa, the virtual assistant, here’s Amazon Echo that allows you to control lights, thermostats, and even your playlist. Alexa is definitely going to be your best friend once you’ve decided to set up this device at home as you can actually talk to her about anything — news and weather.    

Athom Homey 

Worried about multilingual households? Our device friend here, Athom Homey owns a unique ability to understand several languages that makes it stand above the others.   

Vacuum Robot 

The vacuum robot was among the very first devices that brought out the idea of moving household robots into the mainstream. These days, many families are saying goodbye to manual floor sweeping when automated vacuum cleaners can do the job for them. 

The vacuum robots are equipped with sensors that allow them to make their way around the house, sweeping all the identified dirt and grime on its own. These vacuum robots continue to make developments such as mopping ability, which allows you to set the cleaner when mopping either hardwood or tiled floors.  

Motorized Blinds

You finally laid to rest after a whole tiring day when you realized you forgot to lower the blinds. If you are using motorized blinds, you don’t have to get up from bed and draw near the window to adjust your blinds. Automated blinds are operated by either a handy remote control or by our best friend, Alexa. 

Winbot Window Cleaner

Cleaning the streak-leaving raindrops on the glass windows is not an easy task. Sometime, you’ll have to use the old-newspapers-bucket-and-vinegar cleaning strategy to completely remove the raindrop traces. But, thanks to Winbot, you’ll never have to do it again. Winbot is a window cleaning device that once attached to the window, it will start working on its three cleaning stages such as washing with a solution-dampened cleaning pad, wiping with a squeegee, and drying with a second pad, leaving the entire window surface sparkling.   

Automated Cooking Machine

Cooking can take up tons of time and effort every single day. For anyone, especially moms, who want to make some dinner while catching up on their favourite series, sous vide immersion cookers might be the best solution. These appliances made smart are hands-free once you finish all the preparations of the ingredients. Some cooking machines will even walk you through step-by-step recipes, adjust temperatures on their own, and tell you when to flip the pancakes via the app.    

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