6 Web Design Hacks That'll Skyrocket Your Website

6 Web Design Hacks That’ll Skyrocket Your Website

A marketing plan can be successful if it is doing good conversions. But you should know that it is very difficult to attain conversions. It has been found that 2.35 % is the average conversion rate. This percentage shows that only 2 or 3 among 100 individuals will become your customers. Hence, if there are 100 buyers then 97 of them will be lost by you.

There is a 5.31 % or more conversion rate in ¼ of all brands and this shows that higher conversion rates can also be achieved. These businesses may be using various strategies of conversions. You have to use these in your trade.

Now I am going to tell you 6 web design hacks that will skyrocket your website.

1. Make use of negative space also

Your webpage may be having several empty or unused areas which we call as the negative space. You can utilise this negative space. But it is not good if the web page is filled with a lot of things. This is because the people visiting your website will take less interest in the content if there is an overloading of information.

The conversions can be affected if the people visiting the site bounce back. Big blocks of content must be avoided, messages must be simplified by using images and the text should be broken down into smaller parts. In this way negative space can be embraced by you.

2. Right colors should be used

The web designing should include colors in it. Most designers are using these in their website. It has been found that because of colors 85 % of consumers took interest in buying. The CTAs can have a contrasting color, inbound links can have a different color, background can be of another color and text can be written in a different color. The web page can have these 4 colors.

A click can be easily received by you from a visitor if your CTA is having a contrasting color. The prospect’s emotions can be evoked by you if you are using a good color. Your offer should be engaging the customers and for this you have to use good colors so that the customers are emotionally attracted towards it.

3. Your navigation should be simplified

It is not always possible that visitors visiting a website are having enough patience in them. To prevent the user visiting your site from bouncing back you have only 8 seconds. Thus web design professionals like oxygendigital.co.nz always advise that this time should be properly utilized by you to attract a large number of visitors. This shows that visitors can easily navigate through the site if it is smooth.

The back button will be hit by the visitor if he does not find the required thing on the web page of your site quickly. If somebody looks at the webpage then every navigation point should be easily seen by him and at the header the search bar of the website should be placed so that the process of navigation can be simplified.

4. Standard or free templates should be avoided

Your design skills can be tested if you are using free templates. But it is not safe sometimes if you are using these in your trade. Your brand will look as if it is of low quality if you use standard templates because these are used by a lot of people.

You should use paid templates because you can update these frequently, customize these and these are unique for the trade.

5. Animated CTAs should be used

Your offer can engage people visiting your website and it is possible that without call to action conversion can occur. It can be vital for you if your CTA is presented in a proper way.

It has been found that there can be 144 % increase in conversions if videos are included in CTAs. People will like it if CTAs include buttons in them. The decisions of the prospects can be influenced in a very good manner if you make the use of animated CTAs.

6. High quality visuals should be integrated

If you are using the visuals then these can easily attract the people.

Most of the information that is processed by the brain is visual information and it is about 90 %. A visual stimulus can get a quick response from the brain. The decisions of the prospects can be influenced easily if the visual content is effective.

The landing page can have a lot of visuals and it is sure that each and every visual will be seen by the visitor. So, it will be good if images of low-quality are not used. For getting the visuals of high quality you should take the help of a professional graphic designer. Also, if you want shots of good quality then a professional photographer can be hired by you.

If you are interested in getting web services or web development solutions then you can take the help of a website design company.

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