6 Things To Consider When Buying Bookcases

6 Things To Consider When Buying Bookcases

One of the most important decorative and functional furniture that most homeowners tend to forget are bookcases. Since the dawn of the digital age, there are only a few individuals who see books as an investment. What most people don’t know is that books are a great collection and it is very beneficial to you, your family, and your guests.

If you are one of the chosen few who are planning to buy a bookcase for your home, you’re on the right track. This article will help you identify the different factors that you need to consider before buying a bookcase. These pointers will serve as your guideline before you start a mini library at home. 

1. Get the right size

Just like any other piece of furniture, bookcases come in different sizes. The key is to choose the right size for your home. You can start by measuring the area where you will put the bookcase. Check the available floor space and overhead space. In that way, you can be sure that the item that you will purchase will fit just right both physically and aesthetically. What you’re trying to avoid is to buy something that may fit but will look a bit off.

2. Consider the materials and finish

Bookcases should be made from high-quality materials. Ideally, it should be made of wood. You have to take into account the weight of the books that you will store in there. A single book may not be heavy but if you’re going to have a display of various book collections, it’s heavy. When buying a bookcase, make sure that it is high-durable and the foundation is strong. Otherwise, it will collapse.

3. Plan the design and style

If you’re lucky, you can find a bookcase that is paired with your other furniture. However, if you will purchase it separately, make sure that it will complement the design of your home interior. You can start by picking the right color and the right carvings. The safest way is to go for a plain bookcase with a little bit of creativity of the paintings. After all, you can just add some items to decorate it afterward. 

4. Pick between open or closed back shelves

There are two types of bookcase design: the one that has an open back shelf and the other one is closed. Both are equally okay, it’s just a matter of choosing which design will you prefer. If you will display the bookcase leaning the wall, it’s okay to choose an open-back shelf. However, there’s a high chance that some items will fall at the back. If you are going to store a whole book collection, a closed-back shelf may be more appropriate. In that way, it will not accumulate dust at the back portion of the shelf.

5. Door or no door

A bookshelf with a door is not a bookshelf, it’s a cabinet. The best bookcases are the ones that don’t have a door. Just like in the library, it will be easier for you to browse through your books and get whatever you need to read if it doesn’t have a door. 

If you choose a bookcase with doors, it’s basically like keeping your books in a cabinet which depicts the purpose of having a bookcase at all. Also, it’s not pleasing to the eyes. The beauty of bookcases is the display of various book collections in your living room and the room. 

6. Choose the right type

It all boils down to choosing the right type of bookcase. If you think that this furniture only comes with a single type, then you’re wrong. Here are some of the bookcase types that you can consider:

  1. Standard – This is a plain rectangular cabinet with open shelves. It’s pretty basic and standard. It is design designed to sit against a wall and it is built in different heights and widths.
  2. Decorative – If you want something functional but has a touch of style, you can choose to buy decorative bookcases. These types of bookcases are designed with different themes that are most to give an additional appeal to your home. They may not be as sturdy as the standard bookcases but they sure look better.
  3. Cube – Cube bookcases look like a chest or small cabinets with shelves on the sides. It has a top counter where you stack various items such as a vase, flowers, and even electronic items like a TV. The cube bookcase is typically used for minimal book storage and more for interior design.
  4. Ladder-style – If you want something more creative, you can consider buying a ladder-style bookcase. These are designed like a ladder with a larger bottom and narrow top. It is best to use for a small bedroom where you can also put some picture frames or flower decorations.

Get more bookcase inspirations

These are just a few of the many inspirations and things to consider when it comes to buying a bookcase. If you want to discover more ideas, check out Storables.com. They have a wide range of bookcases that you can choose from. Visit their website today!

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