6 Must Use Marketing Apps for Realtors

6 Must Use Marketing Apps for Realtors

The world has changed in these recent years to adapt to the increased rate of technological changes. Technology has brought with it social media platforms that people rarely meet physically anymore. In recent times activities seem to be run from social media sites.

It is not different for business organizations, which have been forced to change their marketing strategies to adopt these social media sites to market their brands. For social media marketing to be successful, the business agent is required to conduct market research to identify the sites that have the required target audience.

There are various apps for different social media platforms. These apps are easily accessible on mobile phones. The following are various examples of great apps a realtor can use in marketing.


This is the most popular social site in the whole world. It has many users around the world. This will mean that a realtor has access to all the kinds of audiences they want to reach. There are different ways social media can be used to market. One can use an active page that they have created to post messages and pictures.

This will attract several people who will later suggest the page to their friends if they all follow the page. You can go live on your Facebook page, where you can have genuine conversations with potential customers. The live video can later be saved and posted. You can also use Facebook ads for advertising your brand. The ads campaigns are preferred because they are easy to come up with an easy to track. However, realtors need to consider that most people use mobile phones, so their content should be accessible by phone.


It is also among the most popular social site. In YouTube can be able to come up with a video and post it on your YouTube channel. The advantage of YouTube is that even people who do not subscribe to your account can access the videos and watch them. YouTube is also a search engine, and people get suggestions depending on their search.

A realtor can interact with people in the comment section. How you use the app will determine the response that you get from your viewers. Learn to use the video to attract more views. Use the video to show the brand and demonstrate f, not by word of mouth. For example, consider giving a tour to a real estate during a video.

Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican can be the most convenient method to advertise real estate postcards within the agent’s radius. The agent will send postcards to a number of homes that you have selected. Wise Pelican allows you to track the postcards and ensure they have been delivered. As an added touch point, their templates are full-color, easy to customize, and feature templates that cover both major and smaller holidays.


This platform will allow one to send personal messages to individuals through email. This is done efficiently by use of BombBomb. BombBomb allows one to record text so that it can be more understood. Replying to text through typing can be monotonous. The text can be misinterpreted, failing to achieve the purpose it was intended to achieve. Sending an email video adds a voice and tone variation to the message, and the recipient can understand it well.

Real Geeks

Real Geeks makes it easy for a realtor to create a website that best describes their brand. It includes unique features for solutions example the email automation. It is an easy-to-use app and can be installed on a mobile phone. It connects to the software of the company directly. By using this app, realtors can come up with Facebook ads to help in marketing their brand. This will also help because the website has more visibility on Google which will translate to more views.


This is also a social media platform with a huge number of followers. As a realtor, you need to create an account that will. Create a good profile to attract a targeted audience. Make sure you often post in your account. An advantage of this app for a realtor is the ability to post a video that will last longer. Previously videos were only limited to a few minutes. Now with IGTV, one can be able to post a video that goes for one hour.

Therefore, a realtor can share massive information with the audience at the same time. Posting often on the platform will increase visibility, and they will get more views, thus covering a wider range of audiences.

The use of marketing apps for realtors, as discussed above, can be an effective manner of marketing and selling your brand. As a realtor, choose the apps and platforms that best suit your needs, stay consistent with them, and you will see results.

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