5 Ways to Keep Your House Cool Without an AC in Extreme Heat

Air conditioners have become the staple solution for beating the steadily increasing heat levels in most cities of India. While nothing beats the House Cool that an air conditioner provides, it is not always advisable to buy an air conditioner.

Not only is it an expensive proposition, but it poses several environmental hazards that can be easily eliminated by not using it.

Thankfully, even without an air conditioner, it is possible to keep yourself and your house cool this summer as the temperature rises. There are several ways to beat the heat without depending on air conditioners.

Read on to learn how you can keep yourself and your house cool this summer without investing in an air conditioner.

1. Insulate your House by Building Sustainably

The way a house is built and especially the material that goes into building it, can play a huge part in determining how cool or warm the house will be.

Consider energy efficient construction material for doors, windows and other outlets that ensure optimal insulation and help keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer.

Even your roof can be optimized to ensure optimal insulation. Paint it a light color, and feel your home’s internal temperature cool down significantly.

2. Shade over the Windows

To keep your house cool during summers, you can install awnings or even put up umbrellas outside your windows.

This is effective during the daytime, as the shade ensures that you still get light while the heat is blocked out. You can also get stylish designs and prints on umbrellas or awnings to make it look good.

3. Consider Alternatives

There are a ton of options in the market for people looking to replace an air conditioner with alternatives that ensure lesser pollution to the environment, and are more cost effective as well.

Ceiling fans are an obvious choice and portable fans are also a great way to stay cool during hot summer days. You should also check out coolers and portable air conditioners, which offer excellent cooling but are neither as expensive as AC brands nor as harmful to the planet.

The portable air conditioners’ price is significantly cheaper than an air conditioner, and what makes the portable air conditioner’s price even more attractive is that it costs drastically less in terms of your power bill since it consumes much lesser power.

4. Use Effective Lighting

While lighting is a large part of the house and is essential, it is possible to choose lighting solutions that generate less heat within the house.

Use LEDs more as they are more energy efficient and don’t generate heat like traditional light bulbs do. In a small room, a 100 watt bulb can lead to an 11 degrees increase per hour.

5. Befriend Nature

Air conditioners are not the only way to combat the rising temperatures. Open your windows and let in the cool breeze to enjoy the natural way to combat heating up your house and yourself.

An air conditioner may seem like the ideal solution to cooling up your house as summer draws nearer, but there are alternatives that are not only more efficient but also more cost effective.

A portable air conditioner’s price makes it much more affordable than an air conditioner, and you can easily optimize it to ensure maximum cooling and minimum wastage.

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