5 Ways to Decor Your Bedroom for a Better Night's Sleep

5 Ways to Decor Your Bedroom for a Better Night’s Sleep

People say that the bedroom is the most important room in your home. Even if you work remotely, most of the time you spend in your home will be in the bedroom getting your well-deserved shut-eye. Because of this, it’s crucial that you focus your décor efforts on this room, as it can make or break your sleep quality.

While a bedroom doesn’t necessarily have a lot of elements, each of them matters when it comes to a good night’s sleep. Here’s how you can tailor the bedroom to your sleeping needs.

1. Choose the right kind of mattress

If there’s one element in your bedroom that you should invest in, it’s a good mattress. People often say that a new mattress can change your life for the better. It does make sense, as you’ll spend at least a third of your day in bed while sleeping. While you’re getting your shut-eye, it’s crucial that you lay in a bed that feels comfortable and lets you rest optimally.

What defines a good mattress varies from person to person. One thing we all agree on is that it should last a while before wearing down. When going mattress shopping, you should try out the models that you think will suit you. If it feels comfortable, and you think that it’ll be good for your back, you should take it. With the right mattress, you can avoid plenty of sleep problems and wake up feeling refreshed every morning.

Choose the right kind of mattress

2. Regulate the temperature of your bedroom

Good temperature regulation is one of the most important elements of a good night’s sleep. If it’s too hot or too cold in your bedroom, you’re more likely to feel uncomfortable and toss and turn in your bed all night.

Experts suggest that the ideal temperature for good shut-eye is around 16 to 18 degrees Celsius, but there’s no one-size-fits-all number. It’s all a matter of personal preference. You should figure out the temperature that best suits you and try to keep the bedroom at that number.

Make sure that the temperature below the sheets stays uniform. Choose materials that allow air to circulate. If the material doesn’t let air through, you’re going to heat up no matter what time of year it is.

3. Pick soothing colours

In interior design, room colours aren’t just an aesthetic detail. The way your colour your room has an enormous effect on how you feel while inside of it. Some colours exist to excite and bring personality, while others can bring a soothing feeling to your living space.

The latter type is a better choice for bedrooms. You don’t want the colour of your walls to stimulate you while you’re trying to fall asleep. Choose relaxing and light colours that will help you fall asleep. A standard white wall can do the trick, but some people prefer light blues and blacks. When choosing furniture and wall colours, stick to the ones that relax you, as they’ll make it easier to fall asleep at night.

Darker colours might be more beneficial if you don’t have perfect insulation from external lights. They can absorb light and make your room look and feel darker.

Pick soothing colours

4. Invest in high-quality materials

The quality of your sheets will have an enormous impact on how well you sleep. There’s a reason people prioritize materials and thread counts when choosing what they put on their bed. Cheap materials make it difficult to maintain the proper temperature. With the right sheets, you can sleep comfortably without worrying about waking up itchy or sweaty.

When choosing bed sheets and coverlets, aim for materials such as linen and cotton. Polyester and other synthetic fibres are too scratchy and don’t allow your skin to breathe while sleeping. It’s a lot harder to keep the temperature even with synthetic materials. A tufted macadamia or velvet quilt is a much better option, especially if you like to sleep in a comfortable environment. The better the material, the more you’ll enjoy getting your beauty sleep.

5. Reduce clutter

As the saying goes, a cluttered bedroom leads to a cluttered mind. Having to make your way through a messy bedroom impacts your sleep more than you might think. It’s important to keep a tidy room if you want to have a comfortable night’s sleep.

To reduce clutter, you should start by choosing a good arrangement for your bedroom. Keep the focus of the room on your bed, and don’t overload it with too many pieces of furniture. Add a few nightstands and cupboards for storage and keep a mirror close by. If possible, treat your bedroom as if it’s just a room for sleep. This way, whenever you walk in, you’ll already be in the mood for some shut-eye.


It takes a lot of planning to decorate the perfect bedroom. You have to tailor the room to your needs to make sure you can get a good night’s sleep. Take the above tips to heart and you’ll be sleeping like a baby every single night.

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