5 Uses for Sunflower Lecithin Powder

5 Uses for Sunflower Lecithin Powder

Sunflower Lecithin is a dietary supplement extracted from sunflower seeds through a chemical-free process. It plays a crucial role in improving cholesterol levels and the functioning of the brain cells, nervous system, and circulatory system. During extraction, the sunflower is dehydrated and separated into the gum, oil, and solids—afterward, the extraction of lecithin from the gum is done through cold-pressed extraction. The sunflower lecithin is rich in higher amounts of choline and fatty acids that help improve the functions of the heart. 

Here are some of the uses of Sunflower lecithin:

Powdered Food & Drink Mixes

Sunflower lecithin is commonly used for drink mixes to increase the ability of the powdered product to dissolve in a liquid fully and is available in both powder and liquid form. The liquid form has a densely dark amber to brown color and a wonderful nutty taste profile and fragrance, making it ideal for mixing cocktails for a fun time.

The powder form is used in bakeries to add flavor to cakes, cookies, loaves of bread, pizzas, and muffins. Lecithin brings superior volume to these products, improves moisture retention and ingredient cohesion to prolong their freshness and shelf life. National Lecithin has been producing quality lecithin for powdered food and drink mixed for many years and have supplied many top brands with premium lecithin that promotes ideal consistency, texture, and great taste that meet the needs of customers.

Some of the powder lecithin uses are deep-frying, salad dressings, and margarine. Other essential uses of sunflower lecithin include:

  • Increase dispersion ability,
  • Enhance mixture emulsification due to high phosphatidylinositol and phosphatidylethanolamine,
  • Improves anti-settling properties, and
  • It reduces lumpy, texturized powders.

Cosmetics Making

Sunflower lecithin has a high level of phosphatidylserine, which possesses distinctive antioxidant properties that are essential for making cosmetics. It reduces oxidative stress by defeating pro-oxidants and improving the activity of natural antioxidants. It is added as a dispersing pigments agent and an emulsifying agent to moisten and keep your skin soft. Hydrogenated lecithin made by adding oxygen usually is the most preferred for the manufacture of cosmetic products to improve skin health.

National Lecithin is one of the most outstanding companies supplying lecithin for cosmetics across the United States. We’ve been in this game for over four decades, with prominent cosmetic brands relying on our lecithin to produce healthy products that suit the needs of their customers.

Most of our lecithin is sourced from sustainable organic materials to enhance high-quality products for the customers. Apart from making, lecithin is also essential for the improvement of the products. Its emulsification nature allows it to synergize most of the ingredients in a variety of skincare products. Lecithin also enables other active ingredients to perfectly penetrate deeper into the skin to keep it healthy all the time.  

Making Chocolate

Production of chocolate is another application of lecithin. It is used to reduce the viscosity of melted chocolate by reducing the surface tension. Lecithin helps to decrease the surface tension of cocoa butter, which in turn helps to minimize its resistance to spreading. It is used to emulsify caramels, brittles, and toffees to prevent fats from separating to enhance the production of a more tender and more decadent finished product. Its oxidation nature also plays a crucial role in increasing the shelf life of the products.

During the production, about 10% to 15% of lecithin is added to give sweet chocolate that is simple to package. Soy lecithin is usually incorporated during processing because it is easier and cost-effective than the cocoa butter option. It is also the best bet for companies producing chocolates on a large scale since it works perfectly by ensuring no product remains during processing. As a result, soy lecithin improves the shelf life of chocolate products and sugar crystallization. It also keeps chocolate from blooming quickly, increases customer satisfaction, and maximizes company profits. Because of our continuous commitment to supply our customers with high-quality lecithin for making chocolate, most of them have reported substantial success in their businesses.

Making Cannabis Edibles

Lecithin is used to emulsify and keep all ingredients stuck together to allow the smooth and equal distribution of the cannabis oil. The phospholipid is also naturally found in the brain for efficient absorption of THC that causes brain hallucination. Cannabis lecithin improves the quality of edible products by enhancing the structure of the edibles. It is added to the mixture before baking to help bind the products together to enable the production of uniform edible, which is essential in this business.

Lecithin also increases the potency in edibles by enhancing the proper digestion of ingredients, increasing the bioavailability of THC and other cannabinoids. It also helps in the efficient distribution of cannabinoids throughout the body. The cannabis lecithin in your edible recipes prevents the separation of fats from water to prolong their shelf life. At National Lecithin, we understand that THC and other cannabinoids are essential for every cannabis edible, so we provide practical and consistent products that meet customers’ needs.

Treatment of Some Health Conditions

High cholesterol levels in the body lead to fatty deposits in the blood vessels hindering sufficient blood flow through the arteries. This can cause potential blood clots leading to a heart attack or stroke. Lecithin can be used to lower cholesterol levels to get you out of the hook. The phospholipid substance in lecithin improves the body’s immunity system, leading to a quick recovery process enhanced by the antioxidant effects of phosphatidylinositol and phosphatidylethanolamine. The lecithin also contains choline that helps sharpen the memory and helps those who have Alzheimer’s. You can also use it to treat people with neurological and nervous system problems.

The lecithin dosage depends on several factors, including health conditions and age. However, there is no scientific information on the appropriate dosage for lecithin. Therefore, it is advisable to follow the instructions provided by the producer on the product labels. Visit your doctor as well to give proper direction on how to use the product. Remember, natural products are not necessarily safe, and You should not ignore the need to explore the two options.

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