5 Tips for Choosing a Decent Portable Solar Generator Kit

5 Tips for Choosing a Decent Portable Solar Generator Kit

Did you know that the demand for electricity skyrockets during summertime? It’s a fact that summertime is the hottest period and people can’t just take the sweltering heat. They scramble for the electricity supply to cool their homes which pushes the demand up.

A rise in demand leads to incremental costs in the electricity bills. Instead of joining the scramble and ending paying more, why don’t you consider switching to a portable solar generator kit? Solar energy is abundant during the summer which you can tap for your benefit.

Solar energy is so cheap since it comes from the sun yet it’s powerful enough to power almost all appliances. Switching to a solar panel for your electricity supply will reduce your utility bills significantly.

Here are some tips that will help you settle on a desirable solar generator brand.

1. Check the Type and Capacity of the Battery

Go for solar generators that have lithium batteries in the form of lithium-ion or lithium polymer. This type of battery is durable and safe for use. The battery comes in a small size but it stores a lot of power.

The performance of solar generators depends on the capacity of the battery. You should check the generator’s capacity to make sure it aligns with your needs. If you want a solar powered generator that will act as a backup power system for the whole house choose the high-capacity type.

2. Inspect the Inverter

The inverter regulates the amount of power that you can draw from a portable solar generator kit. Check the wattage of the most powerful appliance you plan on powering before buying a generator. A solar generator with a higher continuous wattage than the appliance will serve you well.

3. Does the Portable Solar Generator Kit Have a Solar Panel?

You’ll be able to charge the portable kit using the sun’s energy only if the kit has solar panels. Check for the power output of these panels to get an idea of how fast they’ll recharge your kit. Kits without these panels will force you to be charging them via a wall outlet.

4. The Charge Controller

Solar-powered kits normally have an internal charge controller that helps them to conserve energy. The controllers are responsible for speeding up the charging process even in lower sunlight conditions. However, kits that have this in-built controller are quite expensive.

You should go for generators with PWM controllers if you are on a budget.

5. The Input and Output Options

Be on the safe side by choosing solar generator kits that have multiple input and output options. The number of these options is dependent on your power and capacity needs. But if you can find a station that offers these extra options despite the needs then the better for you.

Enjoy Affordable Power Supply

Owning a portable solar generator kit increases your independence and control over the supply of energy to your property. You’ll no longer have to deal with frustrating power outages and the ever-increasing power bills. A good kit should be robust enough to take you through different seasons.

Regain the control back by shifting to the use of solar generators as your primary source of energy. If you loved this article, scroll for more exciting content.

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