5 Smart Tips to Maintain & Repair Your Blender

5 Smart Tips to Maintain & Repair Your Blender

One of the most important tools in your kitchen is the blender, which has made some taxing and tiring activities, extremely simple and smooth for us. Be it your juice or smoothie; blenders have so much to offer and contribute in easing out your life. Here are some important tips on how to maintain your blender and repair it when a crisis comes your way. Buy the best blender in Malaysia to tackle all these problems.

Learn how to use your blender

One of the most convenient appliances, blenders, can be utilized to mix light foods, especially if it revolves around more liquid-based content. More of the heavy workload, such as grinding and chopping, can be executed through better appliances that have been equipped to serve the purpose, such as food processors. Using a blender for such tedious jobs can be harmful, thereby leading it to malfunction since these blenders have been formulated to fastening up the process of work and not for taking heavy loads. They are very delicate in nature and can become easily overloaded.

How to clean your blender

  • Any blender can be seen sitting on the bottom of a glass/plastic jar, which is firmly based on a motor blade. The blades have been connected to the motor with the help of a metal drive stud or a coupling, which can be kept in good working condition, in order to keep it clean.
  • The blender must be cleaned after every use since keeping them unused for long could lead to the content solidifying on the blades, thereby making the process of cleaning up all the more difficult
  • The jar must be filled halfway with warm water, and a drop of the detergent liquid must be added onto it, post which the solutions should be left uncovered. Blend this solution thoroughly, at a low speed, and rinse the jar with clean water. Use a damp sponge to clean the base of the jar.
  • It is strictly advisable not to wash the jar under running water.

How to free carefully jammed blades

  • It is a common observation that sometimes, post the appliance has been turned on; there is no movement of the blades turning, even if the hum of the motor is loud and clear. In such a case, the most important step is to switch off the appliance.
  • Reduce the load of the jar by chopping larger chunks into smaller pieces or add some form of liquid ingredient to facilitate smooth blending.
  • Run the blender at high speed to see if the blades turn right away. If this does not happen, then immediately switch off the blender to save it from any unnecessary damages
  • The blender must be unplugged, and the jar base must be unscrewed to remove the blade assembly.
  • Carefully analyze the blade for any food material that may have clung onto it
  • The blade assembly must be washed with detergent and rinsed thoroughly.

Check for leaks and fix it

  • Any juice blender faces this common issue of the leak, which is basically a poor seal between the base and the jar.
  • The blade assemble must be removed, and the jar must be thoroughly checked along with the base for chips, along with sealing rings for cracks. Any kind of replacement must be sought immediately for a damaged part
  • If no damage is found for these parts, then a plausible reason could be the wearing out of blade shaft or its bearing. In such a case, the blade assemblies must be replaced entirely.

How to disassemble a blender

  • The erratic functioning of a blender can suggest that the switch may not be functioning properly. In such a case, it is advisable to disassemble the entire unit and analyze all the wirings well.
  • Unplug the blender, and place the jar carefully beside it
  • Slide the base away from the main housing
  • Check all the wires, if they are connected or attached well with the slip-on connectors. A loose wire must be plugged back.
  • Reassemble the entire housing with the base and test the blender by plugging it again.

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