5 Reasons Why Students Should Have Less Homework

5 Reasons Why Students Should Have Less Homework

Every employee remembers a lot of things about studying. Good and bad, happy and hard, they together represent the whole process and can’t be excluded. We formed a list of the brightest impressions. 

What will you remember after years in college?

  • Sleepless nights. Every student needs more hours than 24, so the only way to be good at everything is to sacrifice sleep.
  • Approaching deadlines. When one task is finished, another is already right here and needs all attention. It seems that they appear from nowhere. 
  • Weekend parties. The best parties are in college, and nobody can refute it!
  • A lot of homework. Every class means extra homework. It seems that every teacher believes that his subject is the most important. 
  • Roommates. Time of life when you are happy to share everything with the guy you met a few days ago. 
  • Graduation day. It is the end and a start at the same time. It is the moment what this was all about. 

When you are young and open to new exciting adventures, you can mix all these happenings and be successful at all of them. To keep up with everything, a lot of us decided that we will “pay someone to do my homeworkto free up some time for other important tasks. It is a normal practice all over the colleges to use online homework writing services such as WriteMyPaperHub and devote time to things you care more about. And it is a huge problem of the modern studying system that homework takes too much time and compels students to ignore it or find other ways to get a good score at any price. So let’s figure out together what are the main reasons why students should have less homework. 

Top 5 reasons for reducing the amount of homework in college 

  1. Superficial knowledge. There is no time for deep focusing on any question. They try to shove into the head too much information. That’s why a lot of it appears in short term memory and disappears after the exam. To keep the information in long term memory, we need to think about the topic, realize it, discover some examples, and only after that our mind is ready to keep it for a long time. A lot of homework makes this procedure impossible and leads to bad results in the future. Also, sleep is crucial when it comes to remembering things and later being able to take them out from the memory. Often, students spend nights dealing with assignments, and it only makes it harder for them to study. There is just no logic in that!
  2. Unstoppable information flows all day long. Sometimes we need to interrupt all information flows to avoid apathy to knowledge. Science must be wanted but not aggressively put into mind. We get the information from phone, PC, advertising and can stop it only at home. But there we also need to continue because of homework. We believe that this kind of pressure can ruin all motivation to open something new and become happier about it. 
  3. Forgetting about switching between activities. To have a rest, we need to switch. It is good to do some short exercises or cook some food to be more successful in the main activity. But the main problem for everyone who tried to use this advice is a lack of time. We are so afraid to lose a thought we are working on that we try not to interrupt this process. That’s why when we are talking about a huge amount of homework, we see that it is impossible to stop and forget about what you do. 
  4. Stealing time from the job. Everyone agrees that a job gives more experience and real knowledge than hours of theoretical studying. Some teachers forget about it and don’t give time to students to use their knowledge in practice. They pressure more and more, and in the end, they get two categories: geniuses and haters of the subject. It might not seem a bad result because brilliant specialists appear after such actions. But let’s not forget that every professor tries to do it, so to become good at one, you need to ignore other subjects and homework. However, don’t forget that you cannot fully ignore assignments — learn how to delegate, it is the best way to get rid of tasks you don’t want or don’t have time to deal with. Remember about writing services, and don’t get stressed over every paper.
  5. Being snowed under endless tasks leads to procrastination. Our brain works like this — when you don’t see it possible to finish your “to-do” list in a logical period, you just don’t start doing anything. If students receive less homework, they will do more — and in the end, in percentage, they will learn more, as they will feel much more confident. And confidence is one of the most important features of a student to be successful in the job market. 

As you see, the positive effect of less homework is tangible. We can be better when we do less. We can know more when we don’t work hard 100% of the time. Sure, there is a fine line between the lazy and optimal level of studying, but for those who are ready to find it, the result will be exceptional. We understand that not everyone accepts this position and believe that students must be busy 24/7 and fall because of tiring. And they have good proofs too, and we might agree with some of them. But in general, our society must change the way of life. We must care more about time for pleasure and don’t throw all your strength to work. We must learn to combine the best sides of studying, working, having fun, caring about family to live a balanced and happy life. And giving less homework is one of the steps to this perfect goal. We can be closer to if the level of stress will decrease just a little. 

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