5 Reasons Buying Cancer Insurance is Important

5 Reasons Buying Cancer Insurance is Important

A wise saying goes, “hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.” If we talk about cancer and its rising cases, this saying proves to be right. Cancer is a deadly disease that can have life-threatening consequences. Moreover, the costs of treating it can be enormous. Hence, buying cancer insurance cover is a decision that one will never regret if the person is diagnosed with cancer at any life stage. 

You can find the best cancer insurance plans online and get the right plan from a trusted insurer. For instance, Care Health Insurance offers cancer mediclaim, an indemnity-based health plan covering various medical expenses for cancer treatment. It comes with numerous policy benefits, including no claim bonus. 

Contrary to the idea that it is unnecessary to invest, a cancer care policy is crucial for several reasons. We explain some valid reasons why a cancer cover is essential: 

1. Cancer cases are rising

It is astonishing to see the rate at which the number of people diagnosed with cancer in India is rising. There are lakhs of people struggling with different cancers and leading a tough life fraught with financial difficulties. An unhealthy lifestyle is one of the top causes of cancer. However, in many cases, the causes of cancer are unknown, which is alarming all the more. 

2. It is necessary if you have a family history

If cancer is one of the ailments that run in the family, a person should consider getting a cancer insurance policy. There are higher chances that an individual will be diagnosed with the disease at a later stage in life if there is a family history of any cancer. Unexpectedly facing such a situation can be challenging, both mentally and financially. 

3. Cancer treatment is expensive

The health care industry is witnessing breakthroughs year after year. Cancer treatments have become advanced, and a patient can hope to live a healthy life once again. Nevertheless, healthcare costs continue to rise. Medical inflation is one of the reasons that may make cancer treatment unaffordable in the future. So, it is wise to plan early. 

4. It covers cancer treatment expenses

Cancer policies cover various and significant expenses that arise when treating cancer. Getting a cancer care policy will provide the insured with the coverage for hospitalization, pre and post hospitalization stage, day care treatment cover, ICU charges, ambulance cover, and OPD expenses. Such a policy will cover the costs arising from chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and organ donor. 

5. It gives complete financial protection

Aging brings along various health issues, and the risk of developing new ailments also increases. So, investing in a health insurance policy is a must. However, regular health insurance may be inadequate to cover the entire cancer treatment cost. Thus, a cancer-specific plan becomes vital. 

A person who becomes dependent on others due to an illness can still be financially self-sufficient to take care of the medical care expenses with a cancer care policy. Moreover, the policy provides no claim bonus that gives overall financial protection for the insured.


Most of the best cancer insurance plans you will find do not offer coverage if one is already diagnosed with the illness. Hence, it is necessary to think about the future and risk of diseases and get a cancer cover today – the sooner, the better! 

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