5 Home Safety Hazards to Be Aware Of

5 Home Safety Hazards to Be Aware Of

Do you want to keep your home as safe as possible?

Studies show that over happens at home. If you have kids, childproofing doesn’t stop at setting up barriers and playmats. Even the most mundane household objects can cause harm without proper precaution.

Knowing the most common safety hazards will help you take the necessary steps to avoid them. Whether you live alone or are raising a family, you need to be aware of these safety hazards.

This article covers five home safety hazards that can happen at any time. Read on to discover more and put your safety first.

1. Fire

Fire is one of the most basic home safety hazards to look out for. If you haven’t already, consider installing smoke alarms in your house. It’s best to get them tested on a regular basis to ensure they’re in proper working condition.

Some everyday utilities may also cause fire hazards. Ensure never to leave your cooking unattended.

Keep flammable items out of children’s reach and check on your electrical systems. If you notice loose or frayed wires or other electrical issues, contact an electrician.

2. Poisoning

Babies and toddlers have the curious habit of sticking everything in their mouths. While they can grow out of this habit in the future, this can pose a safety hazard in the present. Always lock away cleaning materials and maintenance supplies when not in use.

It’s also best not to store cleaning chemicals in containers like soft drink bottles. Someone may mistake this as a drinkable liquid and ingest it by accident.

can also happen with gas appliances. Ensure to have regular maintenance checks on ovens, heaters, and similar appliances.

3. Furniture and Ceiling Decorations

Falling furniture is a hazard not many think about until it happens. Dressers are the main culprits when it comes to furniture hazards. Ensure your dressers are sturdy and discourage your children from climbing on them.

If you have ceiling fans, ensure that they are high enough as not to cause injury. Children may hit or scrape their heads on ceiling fan blades when jumping. Check out this article to learn the safest minimum height for ceiling fan.

4. Trips and Falls

It’s part of the childhood experience to trip, fall, and get back up again. However, it’s best to avoid these instances in the household. Children may often trip due to loose rugs and stray wires.

Liquid spills can also contribute to accidents. Ensure to have adequate lighting around your home to lessen the chances of accidents.

5. Allergies

Allergy hazards are much sneakier than other hazards listed above. When water condenses onto your walls and window frames, mold can begin to creep in. Keep your house dry and consider using an air purifier.

Take note of areas prone to condensations, such as your kitchen and bathroom. It also helps to clear your air vents on a regular basis.

Home Safety Hazards to Look Out for

Here are some common home safety hazards to look out for. Keep your house and the people you love safe by addressing these issues today.

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