5 Guidelines To Help You Use Music Launchpad

5 Guidelines To Help You Use Music Launchpad

Are you a musician in need of a MIDI instrument to assist you in arranging and manipulating audio clips? Whether you’re a DJ or have taken up music production as a new pastime, Novation Keyboard Launchpad is the solution to your music production needs.

The Novation Launchpad MIDI Grid Controller is a gadget that makes music-making more accessible to everyone.

Launchpad is a MIDI controller for the Ableton Live programme. Ableton Live is a piece of software that allows you to record. It is, in essence, a digital audio workstation.

This article aims to cover all aspects related to a music Launchpad.

1. What is the Purpose of a Launchpad?

The Launchpad has 8×8 grid RGB pads for launching clips, playing drum racks, and creating melodies.

In addition to jamming in session view or creating full songs, you can use your pads to manipulate your mixer. You can easily start and stop loops, arm tracks and adjust volumes, pans, and sends.

2. Is the Novation Launchpad Suitable for Newcomers?

If you’re just getting started, wanting to make an impact with the least amount of money, the Launchpad Mini is the way to go.

It’s a terrific home studio tool for getting started with managing Live’s Session View, and it’s also an excellent performance pad for when you take Ableton Live out to shows.

3. How Does a Novation Launchpad Work?

If you’re new to Keyboard Launchpad, or even if you’re considering joining, these five steps will help you get started.

Step 1: Start With Launchpad Arcade

Launchpads may be accessed in a variety of ways. If you already have Launchpad hardware, you may download Ableton Live Lite for free or link your iOS device to the Launchpad App.

With Launchpad’s classic clip-based user interface, you can jump right into composing music.

Step 2: Using Melodics for Rhythm

You can find it difficult to play good-sounding rhythms on pads unless you’re an experienced musician.

If you want to master pad drumming, there’s a terrific tool that can help you get there. Melodics is a free app that uses a series of slick-looking instructions and interactive feedback to help you develop your skills.

Step 3: Choose the Suitable Launchpad

Launchpad is available in three different versions, each of which has the clip-launching functionality for which Launchpad is known. There is Launchpad Mini, Launchpad MK2, and Launchpad Pro.

There’s a Launchpad for you, depending on your creative direction.

Step 4: Creating Your First Light Show

So you’ve trained with Launchpad Arcade, refined your pad drumming with Melodics, and finally got your hands on a Launchpad of your own. You must now create your first light show video.

Keep this in mind; light shows need time, patience, and commitment. Therefore, do not give up easily and keep rehearsing.

Step 5: Creating Your YouTube Channel

You’ve mastered the art of pad-drumming and creating eye-catching light shows. The next step is to give your art a stage. And what better platform than YouTube to help you achieve this feat.

Now you should learn the ins and outs of planning, recording, editing, and posting your videos. If done efficiently, this can earn you handsome money from YouTube Ad revenue. Check out some tips to make a great YouTube channel for Launchpad.


Novation Launchpads are suitable for novice and experienced DJs and music producers who want a portable device to trigger clips and scenes.

With the help of a Launchpad, music composition is easier and more accessible than ever before. Get your hands on a Launchpad and create your unique melodies!

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