Parents are concerned about the digital activities of their kids and they become worried when they spend plenty of time on their devices. Nowadays, everyone has become dependent on technology, and parents have to provide digital phones and tablets to their children whatsoever. Therefore, young children have got so much freedom over the years and they can do plenty of activities using their cellphone which they cannot do openly in real-life.

They have to get the consent of their parents all the time for real-life activities. Therefore, kids and teens have become addicted to cellphone devices and they spend hours and hours on their mobile devices connected to cyberspace. Furthermore, parents got scared when they are heard of such things and activities of the children on the web. So, they try to find out ways to track kids. Let’s get to know why parents want to do that?

Why do parents want to monitor kids?

Young children these days are not the same kids when we were in childhood. Nowadays, we have technology integrated children that have made them well informed. They have the freedom that we never had and they can explore the world no time ever before.

Now, teens and children can use cellphone devices and social media and they can interact with strangers online. Kids these days are getting involved in hookups, planning for partying and drug abuse, and dating online. However, they access adult websites and facing encounters with the online predators likewise, stalker, sex offenders, and last but not the least cyber bullies. That’s why parents have to get their hands kids monitoring software for cellphone. Let’s get to know how parents can get the job done.

Install OgyMogy cell phone spying software on kid’s mobile

If you are concerned parents and you are still struggling to do surveillance on your kid’s devices to make sure their online safety and further to keep an eye on their activities. Therefore, you need to find out the cell phone surveillance software. You can get your hands on it using your device browser connected to the internet.

Now subscribe for cellphone monitoring app and then get the credential through an email sent to you. Get physical access to the targeted device of your child and start the installation process. Once you have done with the installation successfully then you have to complete the setup on the target device.

Now use the credentials and get access to the online control panel where you can get access to plenty of features that you can use it on the target device and get to know children’s activities to the fullest.

Use OgyMogy 5 Powerful tools to track children activities on cellphone

Call recording

You can use the web portal and tap on the secret call recorder to record live incoming and outgoing calls on the kid’s mobile devices. Furthermore, you can save the recorded calls data on the web to the fullest.

IM’s logs

You can get access to the target device using mobile phone surveillance software and you can use social media messenger tracking apps. It empowers you to get the logs of text messages, text chat, audio-video calls, and shared media and last but not least voice messages on social messaging apps.

Read Text messages

You can monitor and read all the sent or received text messages on the target handset using the text messages tracker app. Furthermore, you can read MMS and SMS sent or received on the target device of your child.

Browsing activities

Parents can remotely get access to the child device and further get to know browsing activities in terms of visited websites and webpages bookmarked with a time stamp.

GPS location tracker

Parents can get to know the pinpoint and current location of children by tracking their mobile device and further let them know their exact presence using Google MAP virtually. Moreover, parents can monitor the location history of the children likewise weekly and daily location history. In addition to that, parents can set Geo-fence virtually on the kid’s location and get to know about when kids enter or leave a certain place.


OgyMogy is the best mobile tracking software for parents to perform digital parenting on kid’s phones and let you know all the activities and upload the information remotely to the web portal.