4 Things To Know Before Picking A Signet Ring

4 Things To Know Before Picking A Signet Ring

If you are someone who loves aesthetic accessories with a pinch of fashion, signet rings are the to-go option! Initially, men’s signet rings would have heritage engravings, and a man wearing one signifies his family’s legacy. Even today, the most influential men will have at least one signet ring in their closet! With advancements in jewellery craftings, male signet rings can have your loved one’s name or a symbol engraved. Also, many women have stepped up, turning these old school rings fashionable by gifting a male signet ring to their partners.

Why Should You Own A Signet Ring?

Most jewellery accessories symbolise your state, for instance, relationship status or are likely to reflect your personality. When it comes to signet rings, they are no exception! Though earlier signet rings were a first-class family crest, today, every man can afford to wear one. Even today, some people prefer wearing these rings to show their community belonging. Also, couples grab a twinning signet ring pair after these rings become familiar among the ladies. Either way round, there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t own a signet!

What To Have In Your Signet Ring?

If you are new to buying male signet rings, a dilemma about customising it is pretty natural. However, there isn’t a thumb rule to get them done. However, some essential tips can help. To begin with, decide what stone you’d have on your signet. When it comes to crafting stones, there are indefinite options.

 If you’d want your engravings to be pitch-perfectly visible, sardonyx is the best gemstone option. These gemstones come in versatile colours and can have fine details of symbols done comfortably. Alternatively, if you want a bold look, black onyx is a go-to choice. Other stone options include tiger’s eye, bloodstone, lapis lazuli, etc.  

What Shape Should You Pick?

Round signet rings are standard and go well for everyday use. Round signets can suit all sizes and, if you’re shopping for a signet ring for the first time, round can best suit! Flip oval signet rings carry an aesthetic essence and have been in use ever since. Alternatively, you can try the oxford signet, a new and fashionable option. The eight edged shape makes it unique. Other options to make a bold fashion statement include cushion, bulbous oval, etc. These types are heavy and have better detailing to wear on special occasions.

Styling The Signet Rings

Remember, there is one etiquette with signet rings! You must wear signet rings entitled to you or your possession, namely, your partner’s name or favourite football team. Married men often wear their signets on the left hand to indicate their marital status. So, if you are still single, it’s better to have them in your dominant hand! Also, wearing signet rings on the pinky finger has been a long-followed tradition.

There is nothing specific about the way you must wear or style a male signet ring. However, do not forget to make sure you pick the precise size. Rings that are too tight to slide into your finger are not the right way to wear signets. Also, check if the ring gives your finger a snuggle fit but not the pressure that can squeeze your skin. Finally, do not forget to make choices between the metal you want. Signet rings come in silver, rose gold, white gold, platinum, etc. Silver signet rings are popularly desirable since they look rich and are an affordable choice.

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