4 Obvious Signs that You Need to Move into an Assisted Living Facility

4 Obvious Signs that You Need to Move into an Assisted Living Facility

It’s not always easy to admit that you can no longer live on your own. Still, you probably know that at some point, most older adults move in with relatives who can care for them, or else they move into either a nursing home or an assisted living facility.

Nursing homes are generally for individuals who are not in very good physical shape anymore. For instance, if you need a wheelchair to get around, that could very well be a time when you need a nursing home. Assisted living facilities are more for adults who still have some capabilities, but they need a little day-to-day help.

Let’s look at some possible signs that you’re ready to move into an assisted living facility.

Your Vision Isn’t Quite as Sharp as It Once Was

Recognizing it’s time for assisted living can be a very courageous thing for you to do. It’s better than stubbornly holding out for as long as you can because you’re fiercely independent. There’s nothing wrong with living on your own for as long as possible, but there are certain conditions that might force the issue.

For instance, some older adults do not see well as they age. Vision is one thing that can go, and some hereditary factors make it more likely to fail. If you know that blindness or decreased vision with age run in your family, you should be on the lookout for them.

When you can’t see very well anymore, and you can’t walk around a room without stumbling, that’s when you might consider an assisted living facility. You may not need a nursing home because you’re still mentally sharp, but you need a little help moving around without bumping into furniture or knocking things over.

Your Vision Isn't Quite as Sharp as It Once Was

Moving into an assisted living facility for decreased vision won’t be such a bad thing. On average, assisted living facilities are a lot cheaper than nursing homes.

Your Hearing is Failing

You might move into an assisted living facility if your hearing is failing. It’s the same as if you can’t see so well anymore.

You can probably get around the house with no issues, but you can’t hear the phone when it rings. You can’t hear the TV, the radio, or the doorbell. When you go out for a drive, you can’t hear the traffic around you, and you endanger other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

If you elect to move into an assisted living facility, the staff can prepare your meals for you, so you no longer have to drive to the grocery store to buy food. You can stay off the roads, keeping both you and others safe. The staff can take you to the doctor if you ever need to discuss new hearing aids or other possible solutions to make your life easier.

You Can’t Handle Stairs So Well Anymore

You might be mentally sharp still, but you could have mobility issues. Maybe you need a cane to get around. It could be that you had a hip or knee replacement.

If so, you might want to move out of a house that has stairs. If you’ve lived for years in a multiple-story dwelling, then getting away from that and moving to a facility that’s all on one level can be the best solution.

Also, if you fall, the staff can be there to help you up or call for medical attention if you hurt yourself. If you fall when you’re living by yourself, it could be difficult for you to get to a phone to call for an ambulance.

You Need Someone to Help You with Food and Medication Prep

You might not be able to cook so well anymore if you have mobility issues. You can live on TV dinners and delivery food, but that’s not healthy. If you move to an assisted living facility, the staff can prepare tasty, nutritious meals for you every day.

You also might have a complicated medication regimen. If all you have to do is pop a few pills every day, that’s easy enough. Some older adults need injections or other medication forms, though. It’s going to be much easier if you have staff members who can keep track of and administer your meds.

You can think of moving to an assisted living facility as starting a new life stage. You’re sure to make some new friends, and you’ll probably enjoy having them close by.

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