4 Methods of Roof Safety You Need to Know About

4 Methods of Roof Safety You Need to Know About

Being on top of a roof can be extremely dangerous. Whether you’re checking a gutter or have to do intricate maintenance or repair work on a rooftop, safety is vital. A fall from a great height can lead to not only an injury but also death so this needs to be avoided by having the right equipment installed.

When it comes down to it, a building manager is in charge of having safety equipment installed. It is important that you take whatever steps you need in order to keep people safe. You can install roof ladders, a roof hatch, and roof anchor points just to name a few.

These safety measures can prevent someone from getting hurt as well as a lawsuit. So, educate yourself so you can make wise decisions going forward.

Roof Ladders

There are a few different roof ladders for you to look into such as

  • Fall arrest ladders
  • Fixed ladders
  • Pull down ladders

There is no safety attire out there that can save anyone from a fall, especially if they’re on a rooftop. So, investing in a good ladder system will be in your best interest because you’re eliminate the risk altogether before anything happens.

These ladders can be used to protect those needing to get onto the roof and because there are different options, you’ll be able to get the most appropriate solution for your setup. For example, where you need the ladder installed will determine the type of ladder you get.

There is no reason for you to get an ordinary ladder that can fall, break and fail you when more sturdy and safer ladders are out there waiting for you. With the options provided, you can also find something that is in your budget.

Roof Access Hatches

If you need a ladder to be on the inside of your building, then a roof access hatch is what you need. It will allow workers to get onto the roof with ease as well as keep them safe. A roof access hatch has a ladder attached to a hatch that can open directly onto the roof. This then makes it easier and safer to gain access to the roof.

Other than the roof hatch itself, there are also different ladders that you can choose from. Some have a cage around the ladder for extra protection.

Roof Anchor Points

Now, when it comes to actually being on the roof, a roof anchor point will be something you definitely need. With a roof anchor point, anyone on the roof will be able to attach a rope which will prevent them from falling to the ground. The rope is attached to the harness they should be wearing as part of PPE.

These points are strong and sturdy so they’re able to carry the weight of the person attached to it. This installation has many other benefits too. For example, being attached to the points will give the worker peace of mind while at work. When a worker is less stressed, there’s less chance of making mistakes and usually work gets done faster too.

Roof Walkway Systems

What about a roof walkway system? It’s a large installation but it can be greatly beneficial so it’s worth the expense. It provides a walkway that is designed specifically for workers to walk across when on a rooftop. This is a safe surface, so they don’t have to worry about the risks of walking on an uneven roof.

An uneven roof can cause someone to lose their footing which in turn can make a fall possible. With a walkway system, you’re removing yet another risk, so the number of accidents you deal with each year will be much less.

In most cases this feature will be bolted into the roof. It can connect all corners of the roof together making it effortless to get from one side of the roof to the other. This is important if someone needs to work across the whole surface of the roof.

Final Thoughts

There are risks to everyday life but going to work should not be one of them. Of course, accidents can happen but by taking the right steps you can avoid anyone getting hurt while you’re in charge. It is your job as a building manager to install the right equipment that will keep everyone safe.

Don’t underestimate the value of incorporating these features on your property. In such a beneficial working environment, your team will know you value their lives, which will keep them motivated and loyal.

Remember, if someone were to get hurt while on your building, you would then be liable for that which can lead to a lawsuit. Avoid this by doing all you can to create a safe environment.

With the different options given to you, you’ll be able to install the perfect roof safety equipment for your building. Sleep at night knowing that you’ve protected your staff and your own future.  

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