4 Important Features to Look In Wordpress Themes

4 Important Features to Look In WordPress Themes

The most challenging part of designing your own website is its overall design or the theme of your website. As you must want it to look attractive so that more and more people visit your website and the theme of your website mainly represents the quality of the content of your website.

Well, these are not the only factors to be taken care of, there are some other things that need to be prioritized including how speedy is your website or how convenient it is for the user. So, the main objective is to make your website stand out visually and aesthetically. And the selection of the appropriately suiting website theme is the most crucial part of this whole process. And if you want to get a WordPress theme, then you will get to know that there is a long list of both free and paid website themes to choose from.

However, if you are still doubtful about what theme should be used, then make sure that you focus on these below-mentioned features while choosing the best WordPress theme:

Highly Responsive Website Design

The top-most feature a website must have is the responsive design. As who would like to visit and get information from a website that looks boring or tacky? However, not only the visual impression but the way it responds to the users has a direct influence on the number of people using it and is also vital to make it useful and more informative. Besides that, as there are a number of users nowadays who visit the website from various phones, laptops, and tablets so it is important for the website to display the information clearly regardless of the device is in use.

Furthermore, the most important reason for choosing the most responsive theme is that it makes things easy for the admin; it eliminates the need for maintaining multiple websites and content set.

Social Sharing Features

In today’s era of technology and modernization, social media is the most effective way to connect to the users directly and enhance user experience. And your themes have to be flexible enough with the various social networks supported. So, it is better to choose a theme that gives allowance sharing across different social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

By getting these social media share icons on your content as well as the website, you will get easy to deliver your content to more people as visitors. Moreover, these visitors can also share it with their wide networks. If the theme you have selected has these tools built-in, then you don’t need any other plugins otherwise, you can install all the required plugins yourself.

SEO Friendly

Search engine optimization often called SEO plays an essential role in promoting any website and while listing it on the search engines. Well, the theme of your website is the most important thing when it comes to SEO ranking and optimization. Moreover, webmasters like newstricky play a vital role in getting your website submitted to Google and get it ranked.


For starters, the important factors where your website should be good are website readability, conversion rate optimization, the speed of the website, and finally how compatible is your website with the external SEO plugins. Likewise, one thing that needs to be taken care of is that your website must be using permalink structure for URLs and creating custom and create blog pages and slugs for a page that is relevant to the keyword.

Auto-Upgrade and Support

Website designers and publishers who release, provide appropriate support and upgrade themes get plenty of reviews and a great business. These upgrading features are the backbone in the creation and maintenance of a website. This feature specifically makes your website compatible with the WordPress Website because WordPress has fixed daily update schedules.

Well, if you will change the theme of your website continuously for getting the required advancements, then you must face a decrement in the number of visitors. Moreover, your website will not look professional though. So, it is better to choose the theme that has the feature to auto-update itself and provide full customer support. This is the key feature that makes it stand out from the rest of the WordPress themes.


WordPress offers plenty of options while choosing a theme for a new website. And choosing the best-suited theme from the huge collection can actually be the most difficult task on the path of developing your own website. Well, every website from the free one to the premium one has some attributes and some downsides. Nevertheless, if you consider the above-mentioned features in mind while choosing it won’t be that much daunting for you. So, take your time and choose wisely as the theme of your website will represent a nutshell idea of your whole website to the user.

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