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4 Common Toilet Flushing Problems and Solutions

One of the worst situations that can happen when a person on the toilet is for him/her to realize that it won’t flush properly. The first task to do then is to figure out the issue that is causing the obstruction and decide whether it can be solved using a quick fix or if it requires the skills of professionals like Proximity Plumbing to get out of the predicament. This article is aimed to guide the readers in identifying common flushing problems and the possible solutions they can undertake to fix them.

1) A Non-functioning Toilet Handle  

There are instances when a person pushes the flush handle, and it goes down, but it does not flush. This is one of the most straightforward plumbing problems as the toilet handle is disconnected from the tank. The flushing handle is usually connected to a bit of chain and an arm that lifts the flapper inside the tank, allowing it to flush into the bowl. Fixing the broken chain or tightening the loose nut could quickly solve the crisis. If this does not help or the parts have disintegrated, it is recommended to call plumbing services to look at it.

2) Water Level in the Tank is Constantly Low

Generally, the water level in the flush tank is usually filled up to the mark indicated by the manufacturers, which would be about one inch from under the top of the overflow tube. When there is a low water level in the tank, it could be because

  • someone has switched off the valve
  • of misalignment in the float ball
  • of accumulation of debris in the pipe system
  • of pipe leaks

These could be the potential issues that can prevent the water from filling in. One can try to recalibrate the float ball using the adjustment screw on the valve to see if it helps; otherwise, they must consult a plumber.

3) The Toilet or the Drain Gets Clogged Often

Toilets are designed to flush out only certain kinds and amounts of waste. Therefore, they can get clogged if items like large amounts of food, bones, sanitary pads, toys or a large amount of toilet paper are flushed into them. If the clogs are relatively close to the surface, they can be fixed by the resident using a plunger or a toilet brush and get the movement again. More stubborn clogs can only be fixed by professionals like Proximity Plumbing using a toilet auger or a hydro-jet.

4) The Fill Valve Blocked or a Damaged Flapper

There are times when the toilet works fine in flushing out the waste, but the person doesn’t have control over it to stop. Even after flushing, the water constantly drains out, making it hard to flush again when necessary. A running toilet not only causes flushing issues but also wastes a lot of water. One of the main reasons for this is an old, bent or cracked flapper seal that continuously allows the water to flow out into the bowl. If this is the case, then the flapper must be replaced. Another reason is the hard water build-up inside the fill valve that prevents it from shutting off properly. If a person is experienced in house plumbing, they can try to replace and restore the flapper. If not, it is recommended to hire a plumber who can fix the issue.

Ultimately numerous reasons could cause flushing problems. Seeking help from professionals like Proximity Plumbing would help assess the issue accurately and resolve it thoroughly.

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