3 Different Types of Cosmetic Dental Care to improve your smile!

3 Different Types of Cosmetic Dental Care to improve your smile!

There are alternative cosmetic approaches to consider for those of us with dental flaws not serious enough to warrant severe dental procedures. Perhaps your oral hygiene is excellent, but you still experience stained and misshapen teeth. In these cases, you can look to cosmetic dentistry to tackle these blemishes and provide you with a much-improved smile. Here is the run-down on three kinds of cosmetic dental care options for a healthier grin.

1. Dental Crown Solutions

Suppose you have a chipped or decaying tooth. Dental crowns essentially cover up the damage using a unique cap that rests just above the lining on the gums. The crown acts as a mold that prevents continued wear and tear of the damaged tooth. Not only do crowns prevent additional damage, but they can also act as a cosmetic solution, as they cover damaged teeth in the process. Most crowns are made out of materials that mimic natural teeth coloring and feel. For instance, porcelain-fused metals and ceramic are common materials used to create dental crowns.

2. Teeth Whitening Solutions

One of the most cost-effective and uncomplicated solutions available is teeth whitening. There are do-it-yourself options available over-the-counter, typically in the form of whitening strips or lightening devices that you can use from home. If these options are not advanced enough to do the trick, consider getting your teeth whitened professionally. Your dentist can go over whitening products and potential whitening procedures during your appointment. They may also have professional products that you can use to perform teeth whitening at home. Products range from an array of rinses, strips, and toothpaste, all of which are professional-grade and unlikely to be found on grocery store shelves. To have your teeth whitened professionally, expect to pay around $50 for the services. At-home technology whitening devices can cost up to $200 but offer prolonged whitening.

3. Custom Dental Veneers

Made from tooth-colored materials, veneers are custom shells that sit on top of the teeth, covering any noticeable damage. The veneers are bonded up in the enamel, allowing the shell to mold to the teeth to create a natural smile. Nicknamed “Hollywood Teeth,” this cosmetic option is sought-after and, likewise, is a costly and lengthy process with great reward. It can cost up to $1200 per tooth for dental veneers, so be prepared financially if you’re interested in this option.

The Bottom Line

Although cosmetic dental changes can be costly, they are a wise investment for those who long for a brighter and more confident smile. Speak with your dental provider to discuss your options for cosmetic dental changes, and go over the price points that work the best for your budget. You might consider setting aside some savings to pay for a procedure in the future should the options you wish to pursue be too costly for the time being. A better smile is waiting for you with these three dental repair solutions. Save up now so you can “say cheese” without being self-conscious about your smile.

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