3 Critical Business Solutions Microsoft 365 Offers

3 Critical Business Solutions Microsoft 365 Offers

Microsoft 365 the name of the company’s professional package of client software, generally aimed at businesses, enterprises, and other for-profit and non-profit organisations. It is possible to use Microsoft for all of your organisation’s technical needs. There are companies, such as TechQuarters, who are partnered with Microsoft; this means that they assist other businesses with setting up the client software, and often stay on to provide ongoing support for it.

“Our Managed IT Services London contracts include options for Microsoft licensing, as well as technical support for those licenses,” says TechQuarters. “We even offer project services for more specific technical demands.”

Microsoft 365 can be used for as many business solutions as you need. So, which ones might you need for businesses, and how will Microsoft answer that need?


Archiving is an important aspect of any business. But you also might need it in order to comply with certain legislation. For example, if you are a financial firm, you are required by law to have retention policies for data put in place. With Microsoft 365, you can set up such policies using Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint is a highly versatile file management and storage system – one of its many applications is archiving. You can set up policies to save a copy of a document not only to your personal storage – for example, OneDrive – but also to SharePoint for archiving purposes. Both OneDrive and SharePoint are centralised data stores and are protected by the encryption and layered storage built into Microsoft’s data centers, so you can be assured that your archives are safe and sound.


Telephony is another important – perhaps essential – aspect of business. Traditionally a business would have installed a telephony system in their office. Now, with the advent of Cloud computing, you can convert any PC, Mac, or mobile into a business telephone.

If you are using Microsoft Teams in your organisation – which is highly recommended – you can add calling capabilities to it buy purchasing a Microsoft 365 Business Voice license. With just a few clicks, Microsoft Teams is converted into a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony system. It is incredibly easy to use, and allows you to use your business telephone numbers on your PC or mobile device – if using on your mobile, your business phone number will remain distinct from your mobile phone number.

Virtual Machines and Servers

Traditionally, onsite servers were how businesses stored applications, files, user logins, and much more. Business would also use virtual machines to divide an onsite server, in order to perform more functions.

However, nowadays it is generally accepted that, for most businesses, onsite servers are neither cost effective nor future proof. The advent of cloud-computing has made servers much more agile and flexible, particularly for SMBs who may not have the money or space for onsite servers. Azure is Microsoft’s line of cloud-computing services. With Microsoft Azure you can run virtual machines, virtual servers; and you can monitor your VMs and servers 27/7. Moreover, Microsoft Azure offers scalability, meaning you can easily increase or decrease your consumption in order to meet demand, or save money.

If you’re thinking of utilizing Microsoft 365 solutions for any of these aspects of your business, you should also make sure you are receiving support for them. TechQuarters, for example, offers IT support in London and as they are a Microsoft partner, their support will cover Microsoft products.

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