11 Best Marketing Hacks To Viral Your YouTube Channel

YouTube has more than a billion users; it is the second-largest website than Facebook when it comes to social media platforms. One-third of all internet users use social media, especially YouTube. Nowadays, many marketers have an interest in doing video marketing on YouTube. 

YouTube has completely changed over the last few years; the experience of making a YouTube video, editing, and uploading the content that is all become so easy, and engaging the followers has changed significantly.

In this guide, we are offering you the 11 best marketing hacks on YouTube. So don’t waste your time! 

1. YouTube Channels:

YouTube offers both private and public channels. Private channels can be accessed by the viewers who were invited to the channel that people only can see your videos. But public channels are not like that; everyone can access your channel and see your videos and like & share them. 

Now, every channel is public. So, you don’t have to separate your YouTube channel public. It’s the default. You can quickly create a playlist or video privately, which means the viewer invite to your playlist videos will see their content. 

2. Design Your Brand:

Design the overall theme of your channel and set how you want your channel. Because of the massive YouTube videos uploaded every day, your videos should have a high-quality to create them and stand out from the rest. Also known as somebody who makes impressive, incredible videos rather than the standard versions.

The name of your channel should explain what type of videos the audience can expect from you. Adding a channel logo that attracts and gets attention is also a bonus.

3. Make High-quality Videos:

Your video content must be extremely creative, but it has less clarity means no one likes your content. So, use a high-quality camera while making a video. There are many cameras available in the marketplace. After completing a video, use some software tools to edit your channel. We recommend that you learn about software tools or editing a video by professionals.

To avoid unwanted noise in the video you can use a rode microphone. It takes several efforts to make your videos look good and do it in a visually-appealing way.

4. Use About Section:

Many YouTubers forget the section on YouTube. This is a crucial section to improve your marketing and easy path to grasp the audience. It will help the audience to know more about the video channel before and after playing it. 

Giving full information is to be professional, but it also shows the viewers how you are doing. YouTube allows 300- 500 characters in this section. You can also place 2-3 keywords in the description part, which helps to get the rank on SERP pages. Once your video appears on the SERP page, it is possible to increase your views, and multiple YouTube likes to expand your reach. 

5. Works with the Tags:

YouTube tags help your videos appear on YouTube searches quickly. Ensure that the YouTube tags are relevant to your videos. Don’t use the trending tags and popular tags such as famous artists’ names and trending on YouTube. For instance, If your YouTube video is about creating cupcakes from scratch, use the specific tag – cupcakes, tasty cupcakes, party – these are all related tags that come with generic ones. Use related keywords in your tags, which helps to go viral. 

6. Live Performance:

Live videos on YouTube also get huge views rather than Facebook, since YouTube’s algorithm helps to find the interested viewers of your video. Thus, the people who may not know about visiting your live stream. Say your audience to watch a live-stream video with a similar topic to yours. YouTube offers to everyone to make a live stream.

When you go live on YouTube, the audience who opted in will receive the mail notification. If they enable push notifications on their phone, they will receive a notification when you are live. This method improves the people visiting your live stream. After a YouTube live video, it turns into a regular video, and you can trim it. 

7. Optimize Your File Name:

Once you upload a YouTube video, it will make an auto-generated name like, “LRF354.mov.” This is entirely irrelevant to your video. Hence, rename your file by using keywords that help to describe your video. Use the file related keywords and save it. For instance, your video is”how to create a plant,” you should rename the file”create-plant-tutorial.”

8. Design your video for Mobile:

Smartphones aren’t just for texting, talking, and gaming purposes. Nowadays, it helps to see the videos and access all the social media via phone. So, customize your video, which is suited for the mobile phone. According to the stats, 40 minutes of an average viewing time comes from mobile users. 

Check your page after uploading your videos on YouTube with an eye from the various mobiles to check how your titles and thumbnails appear on screen. Make sure that the image is clear and related to your content.

11 Best YouTube Marketing Ideas To Create Viral Your YouTube Channel

9. Video Optimal Length:

You should notice all the popular videos that are very short. Because people need the time constraints, it means you should cut the excess on your branded video. Most audiences are probably to watch the entire video when it’s short, and you get more engagement from the audience. Don’t forget that your content must be quality, as well as a short period.

10. Create Closed Captions:

Anyone can see any YouTube video from anywhere. But the audience isn’t the same language. Avoid miscommunication that you need to create captions for your videos. YouTube offers an automatic craft caption, but these automatic captions can host mistakes. 

You can design your own caption and upload it to YouTube. These files contain the text of what was said in your video and time codes. Make sure to include auditory descriptors into the text. 

11. Keyword Research:

The most important marketing strategy is keyword research. Keywords are most helpful to boost your SERP page and get rank for your videos. Before using the keywords, check the keywords with your niche product. 

Adding keywords at the beginning of the title and description section also use keyword tags. Use effective and high-rank keywords to your content. 

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