10 Tools Every Electrician Needs

10 Tools Every Electrician Needs

The work of an electrician does not just revolve around repairing wires. Like every other trade, an electrician’s trade is as tough as it can be. So here is an article to make your life a little bit easier. Read below to know more about the 10 Tools Every Electrician Needs.

Measure Tapes

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro electrician; a measuring tape is one of the most important tools an electrician needs. A portable tool, easy to carry and barely complicated to use, a measuring tape has many uses such as:

  • For measuring distance and heights 
  • For centring objects and structures
  • Quantify the size of an object
  • For determining the boundaries

Fish Tape

Fish Tape

A small yet efficient and simple tool, the fish tape helps electricians pull wire through electrical conductors.

The features of a fish tape are as follows:

  • It is long enough to cover long conduits
  • It is thin in shape
  • It has a flat steel wire wound up 
  • It has a doughnut-shaped wheel
  • It comes with a sturdy handle

Multi-Functional Tester

Checking voltages and current is critical work. Be it a pro or a beginner electrician. A multimeter is an important all-in-one tester used to measure voltages, current, and electrical circuits. In addition, it can help you locate power fluctuation causes like shoddy wiring.

Voltage Indicator

As an electrician, you know how important safety is, especially when you are playing with wires and electricity. To be around a circuit, you first need to know the current flow and the voltage. A voltage indicator is a perfect machine that constantly shows you the current-voltage. 

The uses of Voltage indicators are as follows:

  • To check batteries 
  • To know the mains voltage
  • To monitor the current flow
  • For a quick safety check

Make sure you purchase a durable tester that gives you accurate results.

Wire Strippers

Wire Strippers

It is challenging to predict wires. One never knows when an electrical issue occurs. These issues are tough to trace and can land one in danger of electric shock or a power cut off. A wire stripper or crimper, as it is known widely, is the best tool to repair wires that cause faults in the connection.


Pliers are another essential tool that you may need for times when wires need to have a side-cutting. Pliers can cut wire, twist wires. It comes with a pair of handles with a good grip which makes it easy to handle. before you buy any pair, make sure that they are smooth to use, opens and closes quickly

The different types of pliers as follows:

  • To cut wires to specific lengths, you need a Side-cutting and diagonal cutting plier.
  • To reach small spaces and wires with thin, grasping ends, you will need a Needle-nose or long nose.
  • Tongue and groove pliers come to use to remove knockouts from metal electrical boxes and tighten the clamp.


To ensure that your work is at a level and plum, you need a great level. A level is a tool that every electrician swears by, and I’m not kidding. It is used to measure the levels of outlet covers, wall hangings, and switchboards.

Things to look at before you buy a level:

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • If it provides accurate readings, including horizontal, vertical and at 45-degree angles.

Flashlight & Torches

Ask the best of electricians, and they will tell you how important a head torch and a flashlight are. Especially while working in darker, smaller areas and night time. A flashlight helps you reach smaller things and gives out proper lighting. An excellent quality head torch or a flashlight can save the day if your site has a low lighting condition.

Screwdriver and nuts

Screwdriver and nuts

Screwdrivers and nuts are as essential as all the other tools. Excellent quality screwdrivers can be your friend forever. There are plenty of options available for screwdrivers, from great brands to different types like electric screwdrivers; magnetic screwdrivers are also available. Also, keep a couple of nuts and screws to fit switchboards, switches, etc.

Drill & saw

A drilling machine is an electrician’s best friend. Simply because it is easier to use rather than hammers. There are different types of drills available such as a cordless model that is handy, fast and easy to use. 

Make sure you buy your tools from the best brands available in the market. Keep your tools with utmost care and follow regular maintenance if there’s such a need. Another great idea is buying a tool kit. These kits are available in the market easily. Usually these tool kits consist of all the basic electrical instrument kit with an electrical tape, insulated screwdrivers, insulated pliers, cable cutters, and voltage testers.

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