10 tips on happiness that women should know before the age of 30

10 tips on happiness that women should know before the age of 30

Next year, I officially turned 30 years old. In my opinion, this is a new milestone – an important milestone. This turning 30s is, though, sooner or later, and we’ll have ways to celebrate it in our own style; But there are things we as women about to turn 30 need to remember. It doesn’t matter if you are married and have children, or you are a successful businessman, you are single, or are a housewife, and no matter what you do, one thing should always be. keep it in your mind; that happiness will never, never leave your life.

I know that there are some women who are less than 30 but they have a “inferiority” about their age. If you happily mention their upcoming birthdays, they will say, “Thank you for reminding me of my age! Grr!”. To them, I would say, age doesn’t matter. The important thing is how they like life, that’s what counts. And I will also tell them (as well as 30-year-old women around the world) about 10 happiness lessons they should know before (and possibly after) they turn 30.

Take your relationships seriously

Right now, more or less, you are living a stable life. Yes, you have a great job, intimate co-workers and the financial resources to enjoy a life you enjoy. Or you have a house filled with laughter with little members running around the house; And you always spend your time cooking, cleaning, babysitting and doing everything you can during the day and feeling really exhausted when the sun starts to go to sleep. Even if you work from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. one day, don’t forget the people who are important to you – the people who teach you, love and care for you. Call your parents, contact your kin, and communicate along with your companions. Try to do it often because when you talk to them, you will feel much more comfortable and relaxed. And remember, they are the ones who persistently stay with you no matter what.

Don’t be in a hurry, just stay calm and slow

This relates with everything in your life. Don’t get impatient. If you are dating someone, take the time to decide if it really is the right person for you, or if you want to stick with them for the rest of your life. If you love a job, don’t be afraid to take the challenge, go ahead. For example, don’t quit your favorite job just because someone else pays you a higher salary than you currently are. Do the work you love most. Turning 30 doesn’t mean you will solve the puzzles of your life. Believe me, you are young!

Work is not everything. You also have your own life!

Many young people today tend to devote their entire lives to work. They work non-stop and devote everything to their work. However, that is killing your youth. While knowing your job is important, take time for yourself. Chat with friends, go to the movies, travel … do all the things that make yourself happy, do all the things that make your soul feel at ease.

Money can not buy happiness

As a woman, you can be sure that shopping is a blessing, and to do that, you need money. We cannot deny this. But does happiness depend entirely on money? Not really. There are little things in life that are more important than that. For example, hours of phone calls with your best friend or “lazy” vacations where you allow yourself to lie down at home with your family. Either sunbathe, or read a favorite book in the park …… And no, just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to do those “normal” things.

None of us are perfect

All the models you idolize in magazines have been “photoshopped”. So, don’t force yourself to become a supermodel. They also have their own flaws. They are very beautiful. And you too.

Build your own life from your own experience

Experience is the best way for people to learn about new things in life. It is believed that through experience, people can learn first-hand lessons that are much more important and valuable than knowledge learned in school or through textbooks. Travel is one of the first very interesting lessons. The more you travel, the more knowledge you will get about the world around you. The more you taste different dishes, the better you will be able to understand the cultures and customs of different countries. Please improve your own knowledge with seemingly simple things but bring us a lot of experience.

Don’t set yourself comparisons to create unnecessary pressure

This is what we naturally, the early 30’s women do. We always compare ourselves to people our age. To be honest, that is completely wrong. That comparison is simply putting more pressure on yourself, leading to depression, disappointment, and all the negatives. Why don’t you care, is your friend rich enough to spend thousands of dollars a month? Or does she have a stable life with her husband and children? Everyone has their priorities. And each person has their own way of shaping their life. You are doing the same. So don’t complain about what others are or are doing.

Failure is the mother’s success

Nelson Mandela once said: “Don’t judge me by the success I have achieved, judge me by the times I failed and rose in my career.”

Everyone’s goal is a success, But never expect it to “knock” on your life from the very first time. You will fail right away. This teaches you what we do wrong. And this lesson will go with you for the rest of your life. Choose failure and it will eventually lead you to success.

Listen to your heart’s words

Today, you often hear the advice: “Use the reason of the brain, not listen to the feelings of the heart.” But sometimes, there are tips that you should listen to more emotionally than rationally. For example, one day my daughter had a fever in the early morning. Of course, she goes to school, as usual, the fever disappears and she plays normally with her friends. Her mind comforted me that she was fine and I was able to go to work. But sentimentality says I can’t leave her now; it needs me more than ever. And I have followed the words of reason. (Isn’t that wise?). But after 4 hours of work, I got a phone call from her school saying her fever had returned and got worse; I need to get there immediately. In life, small decisions like these need to be heard by your heart. If your heart says to do this, let it guide you and see where it takes you.

Don’t forget loud laughter every day

Jokes or interesting jokes are really important in every human’s daily life. You have enough time to enjoy life. Turning 30 doesn’t mean you have to impose yourself on a serious life. You can easily do silly jokes to joke around with your loved ones. Do all the things that make you laugh, do all the things that make you love this life more. We are still young to rejoice in our lives to the fullest.

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