10 Skincare Ideas for Him and Her

10 Skincare Ideas for Him and Her

Having a skincare routine is of utmost importance. Skin is the largest organ of the human body – it covers you from head to toe. So, it is only natural that some wear and tear situations may occur from time to time. You need to take care of your skin; after all, it is the one thing that will be with you all your life.

10 Skincare Ideas for Him and Her

There are a hundred and one skincare routines that you can follow to take care of your skin. While ingredients for male and female skin differ, the result is similar. The point of skincare products is to rejuvenate and hydrate. If you are starting to look after your skin, remember that adequate hydration is the key to good skin.

Here are 10 skincare ideas ideal for both him and her:


The most expensive skincare products won’t amount to much if you don’t drink enough water. Hydration is probably the most crucial part of taking care of your skin. Water, the source of life, is vital for a string of uses. The effects of not drinking adequate water are instantaneous – dry, flaky skin, chapped lips, sallow colouring, fatigue, etc. These are just the effects on the skin; inadequate consumption of water has many serious effects including dehydration. Always carry an insulated flask or a water bottle with you wherever you go, that way you would know how much water you are drinking! If not water, you can carry fruit-infused water, or a warm beverage in a thermos flask, a drink you can sip on from time to time!

Face Packs

Face packs are an excellent source of skincare. The best part of a face mask is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make a face pack using commonplace ingredients in the comforts of your home. You need to figure out the type of skin you have and make a face pack accordingly. Visit a dermatologist to learn more about your type of skin and remedies for various afflictions. Both men and women can and should regularly apply face packs for healthy skin.

Cleansing and Toning

CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturizing) is an essential part of taking care of your skin. Even if you don’t use makeup in your everyday life, you should use a cleanser and toner to nourish and hydrate the skin around the face. Cleansing is vital to remove the pileup of dead skin cells, the effects of pollution and the environment, etc. Choose a cleanser that is gentle on your skin. Gents, select a cleanser that will remove oil buildup around your T-section and beard. A toner will tighten open pores and give your face a fresh look. Ladies, opt for a toner that will help restore your pH balance.  Toners and cleansers are a must for both genders.


Following the CT regime, apply a moisturizer that addresses the needs of your skin. The type of moisturizer you purchase will depend on the type of skin you have – dry, oily, or a combination of the two. Moisturizing is a crucial step in skincare – it offers nourishments after the ragged cleaning of the CT. It protects your skin from drying out and forming ungainly blemishes. Moisturize twice daily, once in the morning and once when you are about to go to bed. You should moisturize after a shower or when you are about to wear makeup. Get a moisturizer for your face and one for your body. If you find your skin is dehydrated in spite of strictly following a moisturizing routine, it is probably time to look at your water bottle, and analyse if you are drinking enough water.

Face Massage

A face massage is nature’s facelift. This magic treatment ensures that your face looks younger and tighter after a session of massage. A facial massage helps regulate proper blood flow for your face and revitalizes the skin. An invigorating massage ensures the increased production of collagen. Adequate production of collagen prevents the formation of wrinkles. Men and women should get weekly face massages from around the age of 30. This anti-aging treatment can be done at home with the correct techniques and tools.


Your skin naturally sheds dead cells every thirty days, some may get clogged into your pores. This causes congestion of the skin, pimples, larger pores, etc. Exfoliation helps clear off the build-up and improves skin quality. An integral part of skincare, using a gentle scrub ensures the removal of the dead matter from the skin. Your face looks fresh and brighter. Use a scrub weekly or biweekly.


Sunscreen is a crucial part of skincare. Scientists and dermatologists have published several studies that show the disastrous effects of prolonged direct exposure to sunlight. A sunscreen with high SPF levels is necessary to protect your skin from premature aging, wrinkling, flakiness, etc. Make sure that your sunscreen has a higher SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 18 or higher.

Lip Balms

Lip balms protect your lips in the winter from drying out. However, dermatologists recommend wearing a lip balm year-long is preferable. Choose a lip balm that has high SPF levels to protect the skin of your lips from UV rays. Invest in a lighter formula for warmer months and thicker protection for the summer. Remind yourself chapped lips could also be because of you not drinking enough water. Set a reminder to drink a few sips of water from your insulated water bottle.

Face Masks

You would be forgiven for thinking face masks and packs are the same. However, they are two different things. However, a face mask, unlike a face pack, cannot be rinsed off. The mask sits on your face for 10 to 15 minutes, after which you peel it off. All impurities and dead-skin cell pileups come off with the mask. Face masks are important for nourishment, hydration, and rejuvenation. Both the face mask and the face pack are important for your skincare routine.

 A Healthy Lifestyle

Genetics does not bless everyone with naturally good skin; only a few are lucky enough. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have healthy skin. Exercising and choosing healthy habits is a great way to ensure that your skin gets the attention it requires. Avoid junk and sugary food and opt for healthy greens instead. Drink plenty of water and follow a basic skin care routine, one that suits and nourishes your skin!


Good genetics may give you excellent skin, but the onus of taking care of it is on you. Men and women both need to take care of their skin. It is something that should be mandatory on your list of daily tasks. Remember, water is a crucial part of having healthy skin. Keep a flask or a water bottle with you at all times.

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