10 Influencer Marketing Tools To Boost Your Campaign

10 Influencer Marketing Tools To Boost Your Campaign

Are you looking for a successful influencer marketing? For an influencer marketing to be successful it requires an amazing campaign. As it is difficult to manually cater to a campaign, the need for an Influencer marketing agency arises. For instance, confluencr is a great platform which not only helps the brands to scale up their marketing campaign but also helps influencers to grow. This agency with their own variety of tools can help you to scale up your campaign.

But if you still wish to know, some of the great tools for Influencer marketing are mentioned below.


Upfluence is the one-stop solution for all the brand’s influencer marketing needs. It takes care of all the steps from choosing relevant influencers for you to managing all your campaigns to analyze the performance. This tool manages a massive database containing more than 1 million influencers. Upfluence also provides all-time access to the statistics which highlights all the major aspects such as engagement rates, traffic on blogs and other such determining factors. Upfluence also ensures all the campaign details are shared with the influencer as well.


Tools such as BuzzSumo allows you to focus on all aspects other than influencer marketing. This is a golden lottery as this tool does all work for you starting from looking for relevant influencers to analyzing and boosting your market campaign. You can also see what kind of content these influencers share in your marketing campaign. This tool is popular for content research as well, which helps novice influencers or some micro-influencers with the content. This helps you evaluate them better. All these features make it a useful tool among influencers.


FameBit is another fascinating digital marketing tool that can turn out to be what you are looking for. It began as a YouTube influencer agency which had its main focal point on YouTube, but later they expanded the scope so that they can include other platforms under its ambit. It has a wide reach with an approximate figure of 1.9 billion individuals with 33,992 influencers under this network. By now, approximately 7000 brands use Fame bit for their influencer marketing campaigns. Irrespective of the output, Famebit’s focus stays on making brands as fun and appealing to younger audiences. And by all methods, FameBit ensures that your campaign goes for a hit.


Are you looking for a platform that helps you irrespective of you being a small business or startup? NeoReach is an amazing platform that helps you filter through millions of influencers’ content. It helps you identify the right influencers to work with your brand. It also looks after producing effective influencer marketing campaigns which have well-built insights. NeoReach’s dashboard provides for everything from communication with influencers to feedback on the performance of the campaigns. Whether you are looking for a YouTube star or an Instagram influencer, NeoReach has everything you need in


Tagger is a powerful data-based influencer marketing platform that keeps track of more than 9 billion influencers which are all indexed, well analyzed and easily searchable. This may not be ideal for small businesses as the amount of data they offer will be much more than what they might need and understand.

This place is much more than a normal influencer marketing platform. It lets you create campaigns and also allows you to analyze the performance of all posts and influencers to your Return On Investment. Another incredible feature of this platform is that it analyses what people talk about so that it can interpret their interests and affinities. All the factors of Tagger make sure that it boosts the ROI.

Post for Rent

Post for Rent effectively has a great balance between cold business efficiency and genuine influencer campaigns. It caters to all sizes of brands. A few of its well-known brands include Nike, HBO, Jameson, and H&M. This does not stop them from working with small and medium-sized companies. This tool offers you with an extraordinarily user-friendly interface for creating campaigns. Once the campaign is published then it will display an Active dashboard. You monitor its progress.


Hypr is is a fascinating influencer platform specially dedicated to brands that are looking for influencers, on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. This tool is based on data, not opinion, to decide who is an influencer. With a massive database of 10 million, this tool suggests the best match which will make sure that your goals are achieved.


InstaBrand aims at giving a good voice to brands through various influencer’s content. With a self-built database, this tool covers influencers from various mobile-specific platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. It also approximately recognizes 3,000,000 unique mentions and 5,000,000 keywords. They also assist in strategizing, engaging with influencers and confirming achievement of goals.


Julius is comprehensive and uncomplicated to use facility with almost 50,000 influencers in its data bank. They have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat, and YouTube in its scope giving you a wider choice. It also has an upper hand as it has a productive set of campaign management tools built-in.


Speakr is one of the most successful influencer marketing platforms which has properly researched and analyzed data to build its massive database in 1 year. With amazing demographic and psychographic information, the speaker drives all campaigns to success for everyone signed up with them. They claim that all the predictions made by this tool have almost crystal clear accuracy. Even though it is a big claim but they back it up with relevant data such as 40% of the top 100 most impactful influencer campaigns is the result of this app.


In a nutshell, these tools brought to you by great Influencer marketing companies can help you to boost your campaign and engage with the desired audience. All the tools as described, using its own specialty helps to widen the reach of the influencer. These tools also ensure that all results are easily accessible to you so that you have a better track over the campaign.

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